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Upskilling teachers to fundamentally transform the new “Curriculum for Wales” (CfW) in all state schools

Prof. David Egan, Prof. Gareth Loudon, Dr Bethan Gordon, Dr David Aldous, Dr Anna Bryant, Dr Jennie Clement, Dr Lowri Edwards and Gemma Mitchell

In 2022, Wales will implement a new curriculum in all schools, affecting 468,383 pupils and allowing 22,000 teachers to design their own curricula within a national framework. Cardiff Met’s research underpinned the upskilling of teachers in 33 schools to be change managing creative enquirers thereby impacting the professional practice of 1,045 staff and the learning experience of 14,900 pupils. It’s success led to over 300 additional schools embarking on the programme to facilitate the new curriculum.

“Pupils’ work also improved in quality, with the work before the intervention being cross moderated with my Head of Department as level 4, and the work after the intervention as level 5-6. The work demonstrates that they have a greater understanding of each of the terms through the use of tone on the face, the quality of their presentation in comparison to previous work, and the addition of detail.”

Extract from Undertaking Professional Enquiry: An Introduction for Lead Enquirers

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