Dr Charlie Corsby

Lecturer in Sport Coaching

Telephone number: 029 2041 7316
Email address: ccorsby@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Charlie is a Senior lecturer in Sport Coaching at the Cardiff School of Sport. Charlie was awarded a Ph.D. in Sport Coaching in 2017, which drew upon the writings of Harold Garfinkel and ethnomethodology to explore coaches’ everyday affairs. Charlie holds a UEFA ‘A’ Licence coaching qualification. Alongside his academic responsibilities, Charlie is the Head Coach for Cardiff Met FC BUCS1 programme.​

Research / Publications

The focus of my research interests relate to the everyday complexities and affairs of coaches, particularly relating to ‘influence’ and ‘control’ within the coaching context. To date, my work has drawn upon ethnomethodology to explore coaches’ everyday interactions and observations. I am interested in a range of qualitative research methods as ways of better understanding coaching. 

Peer-reviewed publications

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Edited Books & Book Chapters

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    Teaching and Supervision

    I currently deliver on a range of modules within the area of sport coaching, including the undergraduate and postgraduate Sports Coaching courses. Specifically, I am module coordinator for Postgraduate Research Methods, while also module leader for Understanding the Sporting Environment (L7) and Phenomenology and Sports Coaching: A Phenomenology of Practice (DSC; L8). 

    Qualifications and Awards

    B.Sc. Sport Coaching (1st Class), Cardiff Metropolitan University (2013)

    Ph.D. Sport Coaching, Cardiff Metropolitan University (2017)

    UEFA ‘A’ Licence Coach (Youth & Senior)

    PgCTHE, Cardiff Metropolitan University (2019)

    Academic Recognition

    2013 - Winner of the Gwyn Williams award for best all-round male undergraduate student

    2017 - 'PhD Thesis of the year' award from Cardiff Metropolitan University 

    2020 -​​ External Examiner, University of the West of Scotland

    2023 - “Exceptional Supervisory Team of the Year”. Presented at the Doctoral Researcher Supervisor Symposium, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Principality Stadium.​


    Awarded Santander Outward Mobility Scholarship (2015)

    Awarded Santander Outward Mobility Scholarship (2017)

    ESRC PhD pathway award (2019)

    Student Engagement Fund: Mentoring (2019)

    Student Engagement Fund: Student Feedback (2019)

    UEFA Research Programme, Mental health, wellbeing and coping with the everyday: An examination of what elite coaches endure (2019)

    Sport Wales, Welsh Coach Developer Practitioner Programme (WCDPP) (2022)​

    Sport / Coaching Profile

    I am a member of three professional bodies, including:

    • British Sociology Association (BSA)
    • International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA)
    • Football Association of Wales (FAW)​​


    Cardiff Metropolitan University F.C. Welsh Premier League Squad

    South-West England Regional Squad player (2009)

    Dorset County Football Player

    Bournemouth District Football Player


    Head coach of Cardiff Metropolitan F.C. Development Squad​