Dr Carwyn Jones


Professor in Sports Ethics / Athro mewn Moeseg Chwaraeon

Cydlynydd darpariaeth cyfrwng Cymraeg – Welsh medium provision coordinator. 
Email: crjones@cardiffmet.ac.uk


Carwyn is a Professor in Sports Ethics and leads the Cardiff School of Sport Welsh medi um provision as part of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. His main research interests are in sports ethics in general and the relationship between sport, alcohol consumption and gambling in particular. He is also interested in mental health in sport and is a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist.

He has published numerous articles in both Welsh and English covering topics ranging from classification in the Paralympics, national eligibility rules, gender equality, racism and the cultivation of character through sport.

He is a founding member of the British Philosophy of Sport Association (BPSA) and a former president of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS). He was awarded the Warren Fraleigh distinguished scholar award by IAPS in 2018. He is a member of the editorial board for a number of academic journals including Sport, Ethics and PhilosophyCarwyn also delivers the professional ethics workshops as part of BASES core supervised experience. 

Research / Publications – Ymchwil/cyhoeddiadau

Books / Llyfrau

Jones, C. (2016) Sport and Alcohol: An ethical perspective. London: Routledge.

Iorwerth, H. a Jones, C. (2013) Chwaraeon yn y Gymdeithas (Sport in Society). Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. http://www.colegcymraeg.ac.uk/flipbook/chwaraeon/

Edited Books / Llyfrau wedi ei golygu

Hardman A.R and Jones, C.R (Eds) (2011), Philosophy of Sport: International perspectives. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Hardman, A.R. and Jones, C. (Eds) (2010) The Ethics of Sports Coaching. London: Routledge.            

Refereed Journal Articles / Erthyglau

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Book Chapters / Penodau

Jones, C. (2014) Esgusodi Twyll (Excusing cheating) yn E Gwynn Matthews (Gol) Y drwg a’r da a’r duwiol Astudiaethau Athronyddol 3.Y Lolfa

Jones, C. (2014) Disability and Sport. A Companion to the Philosophy of Sport. Bloomsbury.

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McNamee, M. J. & Jones, C. (2000) “Value conflicts, Fair Play and a Sports Education worthy of the name” in M. Leicester, C Modgil and S. Modgil .(eds) Education Values and Cultural Diversity Taylor and Francis.pp.107-115. 

Teaching and Supervision – Dysgu a goruchwilio​

Carwyn Jones teaches a range of subjects at undergraduate and post graduate level including research methods and sports ethics. He has supervised a number of masters and doctoral students in a range of subjects.  

Qualifications and awards – cymwysterau a dyfarniadau

BA Sport and Human Movement Studies

P.G.C.E Physical Education

MSc Social Research Methods

MSc Counselling

PhD Sports Ethics


Grant Capture / Arian grant

PhD funding / Arian PhD

2017. ESRC Doctoral Training Sian Edwards.

2014. Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol PhD Scholarship (£52,000 over 3 years) Lana Evans.

2008. Welsh Medium Postgraduate Scholarship. (£70,000 over 4 years) Anwen Rees

2007. Welsh Medium Postgraduate Scholarship. (£68,000 over 4 years)  Neil Hennessy.

2006. Welsh Medium Postgraduate Scholarship. (£66,000 over 4 years) Hywel Iorwerth


Teaching resources / Adnoddau dysgu

2012. Grant from Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to produce teaching resource Cyflwyniad i Faterion Cymdeithasol a Diwylliannol Chwaraeon. £6547.15.

2010. Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. Welsh Medium Provision Fund.  Produce welsh medium teaching and learning resources “Dealltwriaeth o Hyfforddi Chwaraeon”. £18,000. http://www.colegcymraeg.ac.uk/flipbook/chwaraeon/

2008. Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. Welsh Medium Provision Fund.  Produce welsh medium teaching and learning resources. “Cyflwyniad I Hyffroddi Chwaraeon.”  £21,000.

2006. Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. Welsh Medium Provision Fund.  £8295 to develop welsh medium course materials.

Research / Ymchwil

2012 Grant from Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol for research project: Experiences of an alcoholic ex-professional footballer £2,500.

2001-2002 UK Sport -Valuing Sport Surveys 2001-2 £20,000 

1996 – 2001 International project on Fair Play in sport. A collaborative project with Norwegian Sports University, Oslo; The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, Stockholm (total c. £10,000) [with M. McNamee & S. Fleming].