Dr Jeremy Moody




Senior Lecturer – Teachin​​g and Scholarship

Email address:  jmoody@​cardiffmet.ac.uk

Jeremy is a Reader in Applied Strength and Conditioning and Programme Director for the MSc in Strength and Conditioning at Cardiff Met teaching across both the undergraduate and postgraduate schemes in strength and conditioning.

Industry based roles have included Regional Lead at the English Institute of Sport, Performance Manager at UK Athletics, Performance Director for the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Association, Performance Director and Chief Operations Officer at Welsh Judo. Jeremy has consulted to Sport Wales, Sport England, UK Sport, various National Governing Bodies and professional sports teams. 

​A member of the UKSCA Board of Directors on a number of occasions and Chairman during 2010 – 2012, Jeremy was one of the inaugural group to establish the current UKSCA accreditation procedure (ASCC).

Research / Publications

Jeremy’s doctoral research combined the areas of sport science and design engineering where he developed a prototype wheelchair rig for the analysis of performance of individuals during wheelchair propulsion. Current research interests are applied and include talent identification, physical literacy and movement skill development and other strength and conditioning interventions that may increase the chances of continued success!

Refereed Academic Journal Articles
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Edited Books
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Book Chapters

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Key Notes
Moody, J.A. (2014). Strength and Conditioning…..The Fourth Sport Science. IWI Sports Conference, Budapest, Hungary.

Moody, J.A. (2011). Strength and Conditioning for Elite Performers. 4. Uluslararasi Spor Bilimleri Ogrenci Kongresi, University of Marmara, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Moody, J. A. (2010). Periodisation, Fact or Fiction. SPKD Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

Teaching and Supervision

Jeremy teaches across the curriculum in strength and conditioning and is the Programme Director for Cardiff Met’s MSc in Strength and Conditioning. Module leadership is on the MSc programme in Strength and Conditioning: Science and Application; Strength and Conditioning: Theory to Practice and Internship.

Current Research Supervision
Turner, A. Strength & Conditioning In Fencing. PhD. Middlesex University.
Dodge, S. Effective Training Prescription In Strength And Conditioning For Elite Judoka. MPhil. Cardiff Metropolitan University
Robinson, J. Physical Literacy in Adolescents. MPhil/PhD. Cardiff Metropolitan University
Byrne, P. Evaluation of Jump Performance. PhD. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Qualifications and Awards

  • Eric Evans Memorial Award for academic achievement
  • Dilys Price Award for work with special populations
  • UWIC BUSA Award for International Sporting Honours Sydney 2000                                           
  • UWIC BUSA Award for International Sporting Honours Athens 2004

External Links

External Examiner:

  • University of East London – MSc Strength and Conditioning                                             2014 – 2018
  • Salford University – BSc (Hons) BSc (Hons) Sport and Science (S&C Pathway)        2012 – 2016
  • St. Mary’s, Twickenham – BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning Science                                  2012 – 2014
  • University of Bedfordshire – BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science                            2009 – 2013

FUNDING AND ACADEMIC COLLABORATION: Past and Current Research/Consultancy/Performance Grants

Moody, J.A. (2012-13). Welsh Judo Performance Development Programme Support. Total funding package of £390,000. Sport Wales. Moody,J.A. (2011-2012). Welsh Judo Performance Development Programme Support. Total funding package of £350,000. Sport Wales. Moody, J.A. (2006-2009). Welsh Talent Development Academy Programme Support. Total funding package of £30,000: S4C Sports

Moody, J.A. (2006-2009). Welsh Talent Development Academy Programme Support to Underpin the UK Athletics World Class Performance Plan. Total funding package of £124,500: Welsh Athletics Limited.

Moody, J.A. (2006-2009). Welsh Athletics Performance, Excellence and Development Programme. Total funding package of £298,500: Sports Council for Wales.

Moody, J.A. (2007-2008). Mentorship of UKSport Fast Track Practitioner Programme Internship (Strength & Conditioning). £9,860. Sports Council for Wales.

Moody, J.A. (2008 – 2011). Elite Coaching Grant to Employ Two Full-Time Athletics Coaches in Wales to Support the Development of an Elite Culture in Athletics. Total funding package £234,000.

Moody, J.A. (2007). Design of an Elite Coaching Environment for a New State of the Art Sport Science and Coaching Facility at Northumbria University. £5,000. Northumbria University

Moody, J. A. (2002-2005). World Class Performance Plan Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby.  Total funding package £534,000. UK Sport
Moody, J.A. (2001-2003). World Class Performance Plan Support, Sailing. Total funding package of £4,000. Sport England.

Moody, J.A. (1998-2003). Welsh Judo Sports Science Support Programme. £24,000: Sports Council for Wales

Moody, J. A. (1998 – 2003). Welsh Squash Sports Science Support Programme. £12,000: Sports Council for Wales
Moody, J. A. (2000). Gwrolgampau, S4C Television Series – Technical Development & On-set Technical Support. £6,000. S4C


Welsh Judo Association                                                     Performance Director/COO                           2011 - 2013
Welsh Judo Association                                                     Performance Consultant                                 2010 - 2011
UKSCA                                                                           Lead Assessor and Senior Tutor                                   2004 - 2010
SCW                                                                                S&C Internship Mentor                                                       2006 - 2007
Gateshead Thunder Rugby League           Head of Performance                                         2005 - 2007
UKSCA                                                                           Non-Executive Board Director                     2005 - 2007
GBWRA                                                                                           Performance Director                                       2002 - 2005
FSAD Wales Sports Science Support        Sports Science & S&C                                         2002 - 2003
GBWRA Development Unit                             Head Coach                                                              2001 - 2003
GBWRA                                                                                           Head Coach                                                              1999 - 2002
Welsh Judo Association                                                     Sports Science                                                        1999 - 2003
GBWRA                                                                                           Sport Science                                                           1998 - 2005
Tennis Wales                                                           Sport Science                                                           1999 - 2001
GBWRA                                                                                           Head Coach                                                              1998 - 2001
Welsh Squash Racquets Association      Sport Science                                                           1995 – 1998

Manchester United Football Club             Strength and Conditioning                             2010 - 2011
SCW Dept., SS & SM                                             Strength & Conditioning                                                    2002 - 2006
UWIC Tennis Academy                                      Fitness Advisor                                                                         2001 - 2003
UWIC Rugby League                                            Head Coach                                                              2000 - 2003
UWIC R.F.C.                                                               Fitness Advisor                                                                         1999 - 2003
Welsh Judo Squad                                                Sport Scientist                                                        1998 - 2003
Welsh Squash Racquets Association      Sport Scientist                                                        1998 - 2003
Great Britain Wheelchair Tennis                                 Sports Science                                                        2000 - 2001
Gwrolgampau, S4C Television Series      Technical Advisor                                                 2000 - 2001                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Welsh Youth Rugby Union U18                    Fitness Advisor                                                                         1998 - 1999
Welsh Students Rugby League Squad     Fitness Advisor                                                                         1995 – 1999
Welsh Youth Rugby Union                               Fitness Advisor                                                                         1996 - 1998
Welsh FIRA Rugby Union                                  Fitness Advisor                                                                         1996 - 1998
Newport Rugby Football Club                       Fitness Advisor                                                                         1996 - 1998
WRU Strength Dev U16 and U17 Sqds     Lecturer                                                                      1996 - 1998
WRU Elite Cymru 2000                                      Sport Scientist                                                        1995 - 1996
WRU Elite Cymru 2000                                      Strength Advisor                                                    1995 - 1996


Commonwealth Judo Championships                     Wales                     Judo                                           2012
European U23 Championships                                      Lithuania              Athletics                                 2009
European U23 Championships                                      Hungary                 Athletics                                 2007
European Championships                                                Denmark               Wheelchair Rugby            2005
Paralympic Games                                                                Athens                    Wheelchair Rugby            2004
European Championships                                                Belgium                 Wheelchair Rugby            2003
World Championships                                                        Sweden                                    Wheelchair Rugby            2002
Paralympic Games                                                                Australia               Wheelchair Rugby            2000
European Championships                                                Switzerland         Wheelchair Rugby            1999
FIRA World Cup                                                                                           France                    Rugby Union                         1998
World Championships                                                        Canada                                    Wheelchair Rugby            1998
IPC World Championships                                                Germany               Wheelchair Track             1994


  • Judo:                                                            Serbia; Poland; Turkey
  • Athletics:                                                  Latvia; Bratislava; Slovenia; Austria; Hungary; Norway;

Lithuania; France; Italy; Sweden; Finland; Denmark; Czech Republic; Estonia; Iceland

  • WYRU:                                                         England; Scotland; Ireland; Italy; France
  • WYRU FIRA:                                              Portugal; Italy; Romania; France
  • Wheelchair Rugby:                            Switzerland; Sweden; Australia; New Zealand; Belgium;

Netherlands; Canada; USA; Germany; Singapore; South Africa; Denmark; Norway; Japan; Finland; Ireland; Poland; Austria; Czech Republic

  • Students RL:                                           Germany; France; Russia

Sporting / Coaching Profile

  • English regional representative at 4 sports:       Cricket / Athletics / Rugby / Swimming
  • Wales & Great Britain Rugby League (Student)
  • Semi-Professional Rugby Union Player
  • Welsh Amateur Rugby League International

Head Coach at the 2000 Paralympic Games as part of Team GB. Coaching and Sports Management at various major championships including Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic/Paralympic level.