Dr Katie Thirlaway


Dean of School

Telephone number: 029 2041 6328
Email address: kthirlaway@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Katie is a British Psychological Society (BPS) chartered psychologist and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered health psychologist and Dean of the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences.  Katie is a strong advocate for gender equality and inclusion and chairs the university Athena SWAN committee.

Katie has made a significant contribution to the development of applied psychological learning, teaching and research including publishing 2 health promotion textbooks. Katie is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her current research projects are focused on student wellbeing, flexible working and the role of physical activity in the wellbeing of young people who are at risk of homelessness.

Katie has worked as an advisor/assessor for the BPS, the HCPC and the Welsh Government.  She is a registrant member of the Council of the HCPC and a member of the governing body of Cardiff Metropolitan University. 

Research / Publications

My research interests are in risk communication and lifestyle behaviours.

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    Teaching and Supervision

    I have delivered health psychology, health sociology, media psychology, risk communication, survey methods, research methods, statistics and behavioural change theories to undergraduate and postgraduate students on a range of psychology, health professional and sport programmes. Furthermore, I have been involved in the design and development of a number of  new programmes at Cardiffmet including the BPS accredited MSc programmes in Health and Forensic Psychology and more recently HND Sport Coaching provision with our FE franchise partner Cardiff and the Vale College (CAVC). 

    More recently , I am increasingly involved in mentoring female colleagues as part of the university's commitment to promote and encourage the academic careers of women from STEM backgrounds.

    PhD Completions

    Gary Mendosa (2003) The transtheoretical model of change and its application to the treatment of  obesity.  Student registered at UIC and co-supervised by Dr Lalage Sanders and Mary Barasis.

    Shirley Hobbis (2011) Lifestyle change over the lifecourse. Student registered at UWIC and co-supervised by Dr Lalage Sanders and Professor Leo Hendry.

    Gemma Hawkins (2012) The role of the environment in the well-being of older people. Student registered at UWIC and co-supervised by Dr Debbie Clayton and Dr Karianne Backx.

    Honor Young (2014) Attitudes of teenagers towards unprotected sex and pregnancy. Student registered at UWIC and co-supervised by Dr Caroline Limbert and Dr Jenny Mercer.

    Amy Prior (2010 – 2015) Investigation of the Optimum Requirements and Practical Possibilities for a Telephone Helpline for Patients with Anorexia Nervosa co-supervised by Dr Dr Caroline Limbert and Dr Debbie Clayton

    Current PhD Supervisions

    Seckham (2011 – present) The Effect of Complimentary and Conventional Medicine on Wound Healing co supervised by Professor Rose Cooper and Dr Jenny Mercer

    Qualifications and Awards

    Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education., Open University  

    Ph.D: Physical Activity and Psychological Functioning Swansea University

    Certificate in Counselling Skills ​and Theory, Central School of Counselling and Therapy

    BSc Honours Psychology and Biology Swansea University

    Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society
    Full member, Division of Health Psychology, British Psychological Society
    Health Practitioner Psychologist, Health and Care Profession Council
    Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

    External Links

    I have provided expertise advice as a health psychologist for a number of external organisations and I have been involved in quality assurance and quality enhancement processes for a number of professional bodies and regulators.  Various external roles include:

    Honorary Lecturer Cardiff University

    Member of UK Undergraduate Education Committee (previously Graduate Qualifications Accreditation Committee) British Psychological Society

    Member of Diabetes National Service/Specialist Advisory Group (NSAG) to the Welsh Government (previously All Wales Diabetes Forum)

    Member of Cardiff and the Vale Scientific Review Committee

    Invited member of the Advisory Committee Public Health Wales Physical Activity and Nutrition Network

    Invited member of the Advisory Board of the Wales Public Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN) – representing Cardiff Metropolitan

    Visitor for the Health and Care Professions Council

    Chief External Examiner for Chester University

    Board Member for Welsh Rowing