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Lucy Holmes is Senior Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis in Cardiff School of Sport. She is also the Programme Director for the MSc Sport Performance Analysis (Applied and Analytics) and MSc Professional Practice (Sport Performance Analysis). She joined the School in October 2008, having previously worked as Sport Science Technician at the University of Worcester.

Lucy has worked as Sport Science Consultant and Performance Analysis Consultant in International Rugby, International Hockey, Inter-County Gaelic Football and International Hockey. She has acted as Performance Analyst for Hockey Wales since 2013.

Research / Publications

Her primary research interests are focused around the implementation of performance analysis as a feedback tool and the impact that rule changes has had on the game of field hockey. She is also interested in the career development of practicing performance analysts.

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    Teaching and Supervision

    She currently teaches on both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for sport performance analysis, sport and dance. She is the programme director for the MSc Sport Performance Analysis (Applied/Analytics) and MSc Professional Practice (Sport Performance Analysis)

    Qualifications and Awards

    BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science, University College Worcester

    PG C Research Methods, University of Worcester

    MPhil, Performance Analysis. University of Coventry

    PgC Teaching in Higher Education, Cardiff Metropolitan University 

    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

    External Links

    She is a member of the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport

    Sport / Coaching Profile

    Lucy has competed in the sports of Judo and Hockey.  Working as an analyst with Hockey Wales, Lucy has attended the 2014 Commonweatlh Games in Glasgow, World League Round 1 & 2 and European Championships.