Professor Diane Crone, PhD, FRSPH

Prof Crone

Professor of Exercise and Health

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Diane is a Professor in Exercise and Health at the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences. Her expertise lies in the area of the design, delivery and evaluation of health promoting interventions in primary and secondary health care, and in the community. She has published internationally in the areas of exercise referral scheme evaluation, mental health promotion, arts for health and in physical activity pathway intervention evaluations.

She has presented both nationally and internationally in both English and Spanish. Much of her work is undertaken with health professionals in the NHS and with regional and local government officers, in both the UK and EU. As a consequence, has specific application to practice and is used regularly in the development of evidence-based practice.

In terms of management and leadership, she has extensive experience of both leading and taking part in multi-partner projects and of international and transnational working practices.  She has led and managed three large EU bids, Leonardo and ERASMUS, including HELP (Healthy Learning and Practice through Europe €320K; 2011-2013), EGS (Employability of Graduates in Sport across Europe €380K; 2012-2014) and SPAcE (Supporting Policy and Action through Active Environments €650K; 2015-2017). In addition to leading numerous other regional and national level research projects, in her previous Professorial role at the University of Gloucestershire, she was the University’s strategic lead for the research priority area, Sport, Exercise, Health and Wellbeing. This research area incorporated staff across three School’s (Natural and Social Sciences, Sport and Exercise, and Health and Social Care), and included two REF related Unit of Assessments. She was also the University lead for Research4Gloucestershire, a collaborative research partnership between the University and six key health and social care providers in the county.

She is a member of BASES (British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences) and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health.

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Research / Publications

Selected publications from 2015 onwards:

Buckley, B. J. R., Thijssen, D. H. J., Murphy, R. C., Graves, L. E. F., Whyte, G., F.B., G., Wilson, P. M., Crone, D. and Watson, P. M. (2018) Making a Move in Exercise Referral: Co-Development of a Physical Activity Referral Scheme. Journal of Public Health

Redmond, M., Sumner, R. C., Crone, D. M. and Hughes, S. (2018) 'Light in dark places': exploring qualitative data from a longitudinal study using creative arts as a form of social prescribing. Arts & Health.

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Books and Book Chapters:

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Teaching and Supervision


Diane, to date, has supervised to completion PhD (n= 14), MPhil (n=1) and MSc by research (n= 5). Topics include a range of areas including, physical activity and health promotion, arts for health, mental health and wellbeing, partnership working, effectiveness of exercise referral schemes, group therapy in dual diagnosis.  She has supervised both qualitative and mixed methods research. She is currently supervising PhD students in both the UK and Spain.


Diane has taught at under and post graduate, and doctoral level programmes in both England and in Spain. Her topics include:

  • Physical activity promotion for public health
  • Arts and health
  • Mental health promotion
  • Active travel and urban active environment strategies
  • Pragmatic evaluation approaches

External Links

Diane has a number of active external links either through collaborations on projects or as an invited expert panel/committee member. Some of these include:

  • Public Health England Mental Health Campaign Expert Advisory group member, 2018-2022.
  • HEPA EU (Health Enhancing Physical Activity EU) various working groups
  • International Society of Physical Activity and Health/Public Health England/HEPA (Health Enhancing Physical Activity) EU International Congress Physical Activity and Public health 2018 - Scientific Committee; Theme Lead (Mental health).
  • Mental Health First Aid England
  • Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation, Bangladesh
  • Varied significant collaborations with universities in the UK, EU and internationally:
    • Staffordshire University, UK
    • University of Bath, UK
    • University of Birmingham, UK
    • University of Gloucestershire, UK
    • University of Murcia, Spain
    • Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, Spain
    • University of Valencia, Spain
    • University of the Basque Country, Spain,
    • Palacky University, Czech Republic
    • University of Thessaly, Greece
    • University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sporting / Coaching Profile

Currently regularly participates competitively or recreationally in sprint triathlons, tennis league, DAMES Cycling Club, mountain biking, and skiing.

Previously she has been a successful county and regional athlete in football, badminton and throwing the javelin.