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Professor of Sport and Social Theory

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I am currently a Professor of Sport and Social Theory and the Associate Dean of Research (Sport) at the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and a Visiting Professor at the University College of South East Norway, , Norway. My research area comprises a critical sociology of sports coaching in respect of examining the complexity of the inter-active coaching context, and how practitioners manage the power-ridden dilemmas that arise. I am the General Editor of the Taylor & Francis journal Sports Coaching Review, while also serve on the editorial boards of Sport, Education and Society, Theories & Applications: The International Edition, and the European Journal of Human Movement. Additionally, I am a Fellow of both the Academy of Social Sciences and the Higher Education Academy.

Research / Publications

Broadly speaking, my research area comprises a critical sociology of sports pedagogy and coaching. The purpose is to generate critical insight into an increasingly important part of cultural life, namely that of sports participation, and how that experience is framed by coaches. It is an outcome-focussed investigative agenda, which currently includes 12 books, 38 book chapters, over 75 peer-reviewed articles and 120 conference presentations of which 40 were invited/key note addresses. A selection is presented below.


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Book chapters

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Peer reviewed articles

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Teaching and Supervision

On-going PhD supervision

My coaching life: Discourses, power structures and changing identity (by publication), Cardiff Metropolitan University, Jake Bailey, 2010+

Sports coaching students' learning experiences and identity development: A Portuguese case study, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Joana Fonseca, 2012+

Exploring the impact of a 'Teaching Games for Understanding' approach within coaching: An action research study. Cardiff Metropolitan University, Jose Castro (Second supervisor). 2011+

Trust and distrust in coaching: Better understanding sporting relationships. Chris Baker,

            2017+ (ESRC studentship)

Coach Vygotsky: Developing the pedagogical creativity of coaches: An action research

            approach. Oliver Lum, 2019+ (ESRC studentship)

Doctorate in Sports Coaching/MSc (Sports coaching)

I continue to teach on both the Doctorate in Sports Coaching (DSC) and the MSc at Cardiff Met University.

External Links

I have several external links in various areas. A summary of the most recent is presented below:

2017 – Member of the Scientific Committee of the 4th CriC Coaching Conference, Cardiff, Wales, September 6-7th, 2017

2016/17 – Member of the Scientific Committee of the 2nd International Football Conference: Training methods and social issues, Torrent, Valencia, Spain, March 1st-3rd, 2017.

2015 – A 'Routledge Sport: Featured Author' (a collection highlighting the work of authors who have made significant contributions to the field of Sport and Exercise Studies' [Available]:

2015 - External Professorial Panel Member at the University of Northumbria and Canterbury Christchurch University

2015/16/17 – Consultancy work carried out for the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), Welsh Rowing, High Performance Sport New Zealand ('Coach Accelerator Programme'), Swim Wales, the Football Association (FA) and the British Canoe Union (BCU).

2014 - Wales Subject Advisory Board Panel (WJEC) – Physical Education

External advisor of the University of Hull's 2014 REF submission (UoA 26)

Sport / Coaching Profile

I have extensive experience of coaching football over the past 30 years. These include being the u-15 coach at Queens Park Rangers Football Club (1998-99), and the Director of Football for Soccer New Zealand (Federation 7) (200-2002). I continue to help coach the Cardiff Met University men's football team in the Welsh Premier League.