Dr Sofia Santos


Email address: ssantos@cardiffmet.ac.uk


PhD (Cardiff Metropolitan University) 2017
MSc in Sports for Children and Youth
First Degree in Sport & Physical Education (University of Porto)

Introduction to Coaching Science (Level 4)
Coaching Science (Level 5)
Advanced Coaching Science (Level 6)
Research Methods
Sports Principles and Techniques - Volleyball (Level 4)
Personal Development Planning (Level 4)
Year Tutor: BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching Programme (Level 4)

Research Interests
Sports coaching
Social interaction and complexity in the coaching context
Coach education
Qualitative research methods

Membership of Professional Bodies
British Sociological Association

Peer Review Journals

Jones, R.L., Bailey, J. & Santos, S. (2013). Coaching, caring and the politics of touch: a visual exploration. Sport, Education and Society, DOI:10.1080/13573322.2013.769945.http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13573322.2013.769945

Santos, S., Jones, R.L., & Mesquita, I. (2013). Do coaches orchestrate? The working practices of elite Portuguese coaches. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 84(2), 263-272.http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/02701367.2013.784722

Jones, R.L., Bailey, J. & Santos, S. (invited paper under review). The issue of ‘touching’ in coaching: The last taboo or part of the job. Sport, Education and Society.

Ribeiro, J., Mesquita, I., Santos, S. (paper under review). Coach, learning, and coach education: the Portuguese expert coaches' perspective. The Sport Psychologist.

Santos, S., Mesquita, I., Graça, A., & Rosado, A. (2010). Coaches; perceptions of competence and acknowledgement of training needs related to professional competences. Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine, 9, 62-70. 

Santos, S., Mesquita, I., Graça, A., & Rosado, A. (2010). What Coaches Value about Coaching Knowledge: A Comparative Study Across a Range of Domains. International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences, 22(2), 96-112.

Santos S., & Mesquita, I. (2010). Coaches’ perception of professional competence as a function of education and experience. Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria & Desempenho Humano, 12(4), 275-281.

Santos, S., Mesquita, I., Pereira, F., & Moreno, P. (2009). La intervención pedagógica de entrenadores de voleibol de jóvenes. [Volleyball coaches’ pedagogical interventions] Motricidad: European Journal of Human Movement, 23, 59-77.

Book Chapters
Jones, R.L., Bailey, J., Santos, A.S. & Edwards, C. (2012). Who is coaching? Developing the person of the coach. In: D. Day (Ed.) Sports and coaching: Past and futures. (1-12) Crewe: MMU Institute for Performance Research Publication.

Mesquita, I., Santos, S. & Jones, R.L. (2012). Uma abordagem etnográfica em Ciências do Desporto [An ethnographic approach to sport sciences]. In Rosado, A., Colaço, C. & Mesquita , I. (Eds). Métodos e Técnicas de Investigação em Ciências do Desporto.[Methods and tools for research in sport sciences]. Lisbon: Edições FMH.

Jones, R.L., Santos, A.S. & Mesquita, I. (2011). Visual methods in sports research. In K.M. Armour & D.Macdonald (Eds.), Research methods in physical activity and youth sport. (263-275) London: Routledge.

Santos, S.; Pereira, F.; Mesquita, I. (2008). The Relationship Between the Pedagogical Content Intervention and the Practice Type. In Research in Sport Science Volleyball Setting. Hughes, M; Dancs, H.; Nagyvaradi, K. (eds). pp 43-51 Cardiff: Data2win. 

Santos, S.; Castro, J.; Pereira, F.; Mesquita, I. (2008). The relationship between the pedagogical content intervention and the moment of coaches’ intervention, in volleyball setting. In Research in Sport Science Volleyball Setting. Hughes, M; Dancs, H.; Nagyvaradi, K. (eds). pp 52-58 Cardiff: Data2win.

Invited Conference Presentations
Jones, R.L., Santos, S., Silva, L.D.M., Fonseca, J., & Edwards, C. (2011). Further considerations on ‘who is coaching’? Keynote lecture given at the 3rd Congresso Internacional de Jogos Desportivos, University of Porto, Portugal. 13-15th July.

Jones, R.L., & Santos, S. (2011). Who is coaching? Understanding the person of the coach. Keynote lecture given at the ‘Sports and coaching; Pasts and futures’ Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire, 25-26th June.

Santos, S., & Mesquita, I. (2009) As competências Profissionais do Treinador de Desporto. Keynote presentation given at the apresentada no workshop A Excelência Desportiva: do Treinador ao Praticante Desportivo. Faculdade de Desporto da Universidade do Porto. Porto, Portugal.

Grants awarded
2011 – Sports Coach UK. ‘An evaluation of British Gymnastics Level 3 UKCC: A coach education pilot’ (with J.Bailey, R.L.Jones & B.Cropley) (total value = £5000).

2010 – Individual Doctoral Grant: ‘Understanding the everyday complexity of coaching’. Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) (with R.L. Jones & I. Mesquita, University of Porto) (total value = €61,500).