Health Sciences Facilities

Our specialist Health Sciences facilities are designed with your future career in mind, enabling you to gain practical experiences as part of your degree.

Biomedical Science LabsThe biomedical science teaching laboratories are large, modern and well equipped, allowing students to develop key competencies aligned with accreditation requirements. Students undertake essential practicals in core discipline areas which include microbiology and immunology, blood and cellular sciences, molecular biology and genetics, throughout their programme of study. Media screen and audio set-up enables interactive engagement between staff and students, ensuring an excellent learning experience is delivered during all laboratory sessions.

Health Assessment SuiteThe Health Assessment Suite involves the physiological assessment of human volunteers using a wide range of techniques. Some of these techniques include blood pressure measurements, arterial stiffness measurements using applanation tonometry, pulse oximetry, ultrasound measures including the assessment of blood flow to the brain, spirometry, exercise testing, and venous and capillary blood taking and analysis. Research conducted in the Health Assessment Suite has a particular focus on vascular health, which informs teaching in this area.

Psychology Facilities

Psychology LabsPsychology facilities include individual testing rooms for behavioural experiments and a range of specialist equipment including a Tobii eye tracker, Biosemi EEG, and Noldus face reader. We also have a teaching laboratory stocked with an array of commercially available PC’s and a number of BIOPAC MP46’s for teaching principles of psychophysiology.
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Podiatry Facilities

Podiatry ClinicStudents will have access to a large clinical facility with an on-site multi-chair clinic, along with a gait laboratory, orthosis manufacturing laboratories and a recently established anatomy and physiology laboratory where technology is used to enhance the delivery of these subjects. There is also a simulation suite where a variety of pre-clinical diagnostic and treatment skills can be developed.
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Food Industry Centre

Food Industry CentreThe industry facilities within ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre are available for use by students in support of our Food Science, Nutrition, Dietetics, Biomedical Science and Environmental Students. These include a consumer sensory suite, 4 pilot sized plants, a development kitchen and a consumer research kitchen.
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Dental Technology Facilities

Dental Technology Laboratories and FacilitiesThe dental labs are fully equipped to enable you to carry out practical exercises in the disciplines of fixed and removable prosthodontics and orthodontics. You will have your own fully equipped lab bench, with a micromotor, personal extraction, overhead daylight lamp, bunsen burner, and induction heater. We provide all other medium and large equipment in the dedicated, communal plaster room. We also have a fully functioning CAD/CAM suite, with CAD software, dental scanners, and 3D printers for modern dental techniques.
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