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Admissions Policy 2022 Entry

​Cardiff Metropolitan University's admissions policy, seeks to accept all people who would benefit from higher education. Applications are considered on their individual merits, and will take into account a wide range of formal qualifications as well as any relevant work experience.

Cardiff Metropolitan University values diversity and encourages a wider student population by welcoming applications from all those interested in higher education. We welcome applications from all racial and social groups and those that have special needs or disabilities. This information is set out in our Equality and Diversity Policy. We also follow the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA - code of practice on Recruitment and Admissions when undertaking admissions procedures and guidance from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and the sector.

Applications for full time undergraduate courses and full time postgraduate teacher training are made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS - Cardiff Metropolitan University processes its applications according to UCAS' systems and procedures. 

Applications for our part-time, postgraduate and research courses (excluding postgraduate teacher training) are made directly to Cardiff Metropolitan University.  Please read the information on How to apply for these courses.

Cardiff Met graduates progressing from undergraduate to postgraduate are expected to reapply through the relevant application process, as above, and are treated as a new applicant.  Information on the application needs to be completed fully, so that Admissions are made aware of any updates to information and changes in circumstances.  

Cardiff Metropolitan University operates a centralised admissions procedure for the majority of its courses under which decisions are made based on set criteria provided by course tutors. This is not suitable for all courses or courses that require interview, so in these cases decision are made solely by course tutors. The admissions unit however carries out an initial sift to ensure that applicants have the relevant requirements. All arrangements for interviews are made within the admissions unit and its aim is to be as accommodating as possible.  Please read the information under the section Advice for Applicants.  Applications for franchised courses are considered by the relevant college.  Information on how the applications are considered can be found by clicking here.

All procedures in relation to the processing of offers are made by the unit and all correspondence is sent from the department concerning admission. The unit deals with all enquiries including feedback for unsuccessful applicants and carries out all confirmation and clearing procedures.  For further information concerning feedback please read Cardiff Metropolitan's Feedback Policy.

Cardiff Metropolitan University aims to ensure that information provided to applicants on courses, facilities, entry requirements and procedures are as detailed and accurate as possible. It also aims to ensure that all staff are continually trained in admissions procedures and are as polite and helpful as possible. Cardiff Metropolitan University regularly reviews and monitors all matters relating to student admissions to ensure that the process is as fair and transparent as possible through both market research and feedback. A complaints procedure is also in place for those applicants who are not happy with the service that they have been provided with.

All entry requirements for courses are published in the Cardiff Metropolitan University prospectus, and website ( as well as on the UCAS website and publications ( Further information on applying to Cardiff Metropolitan University and general information.

All offers made by Cardiff Metropolitan University are subject to proving that the qualifications entered on the application are verified and that applicants have achieved the results needed to meet the terms of the offer so that applicants can be enrolled as students and matriculated with the University.  We have also produced a set of frequently asked questions and a table for quick reference concerning the verification of qualifications which can be accessed.

Previous study, work experience and training can also count as credit towards your programme of study, this is known as 'Recognising Prior Learning' (RPL).   We encourage students of all ages and from all backgrounds to study with us and know that significant achievement can be obtained through work or private study. 

Admission is contingent upon the information within the application being correct.  Applicants who do not follow the relevant application procedures for the University, and UCAS or who make false or fraudulent applications including non disclosure of information will have their place withdrawn. Please refer to Cardiff Metropolitan's policy on dealing with applications that include false or fraudulent information.

Applicants who have left the University in bad academic standing i.e. without successfully completing the year of study upon which they were last enrolled, shall not normally be permitted to enrol on a different programme at the University. If an applicant who has left in bad academic standing enrols without disclosing their standing and obtaining specific permission from the Programme Director of the programme previously enrolled on, then they will be subject to investigation under the student disciplinary procedure for dishonesty and all sanctions including exclusion will be available to the investigating officer.  For more information, please refer to the Re-Application section that is relevant to your mode of study:

Undergraduate Course; UCAS Teacher Training (PGCE); Part Time, Postgraduate and Professional Courses; and Research Programme

Applicants who are in debt to the University for any reason, shall not normally be permitted to enrol on a programme at the University.  If an applicant who is a debtor enrols without disclosing the debt and obtaining specific information from Finance, then they will be subject to investigation under the student disciplinary procedure for dishonesty and all sanctions including exclusion will be available to the investigating officer.  Further information on the University's Debtor Policy and Procedures.

The admissions unit lies within the department of Marketing and External Relations at Cardiff Metropolitan University, please refer to ​for information on Cardiff Metropolitan University strategic framework. Any queries in relation to admissions and the admissions policy should be directed to