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Feedback Policy

Applicants can contact the Admissions unit for feedback on their application if an unsuccessful decision has been received.

It is Cardiff Metropolitan University’s policy to provide feedback on request and for certain programmes, generic feedback is sent in the form of letter. The form and depth of the feedback may vary between different programmes.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Admissions unit for feedback either by email ( or telephone (029 2041 6010) within a month of receiving an unsuccessful decision. Feedback will be given within a two week period when feedback has to be obtained from the school.

The feedback provided is based on academic judgement concerning an applicants suitability to undertake a programme and will include failure to satisfy both academic and non-academic (e.g. occupational health checks, criminal records checks) requirements. Staff may not engage in comparisons of the relative merits of individual applications.

Feedback will only be provided to applicants themselves and at the applicant’s request, unless permission is given which includes nominated access through UCAS.

Feedback provided to applicants will not constitute a reconsideration of application. If a review of a decision is required, the University will not review an admissions decision where the grounds for requesting it are that the applicant disagrees with the academic judgement that has been applied, and where there is no evidence that the correct procedures have not been followed.

If an applicant believes that the correct procedures have not been followed they are encouraged initially to address this with the Head of Admissions either by email or letter. If the applicant feels the response is inadequate, a request can then be made for a formal review of the decision which should be made in writing and addressed to the Head of Student Recruitment, who shall investigate in consultation with the Head of Admissions , Programme Tutor and appropriate persons.

When making a request for a review of a decision, applicants must include the reasons for requesting a review and include supporting evidence where available. The University will aim to consider the review within a period of two weeks, but if this is not possible will inform applicants if additional time is needed. The outcome of the review will be sent to the applicant in writing at the address provided.

If applicants remain unsatisfied with the outcome of the review a formal complaint may then be made through Cardiff Metropolitan University complaints procedure at