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Changes and Withdrawal of courses

The University reserves the right to make changes to course content, entry requirements, method of delivery or to suspend, combine or withdraw a programme, both prior to and after a student’s enrolment to the University, if such action is reasonably considered necessary.

Details of the type of changes are outlined in our terms and conditions published on our website. In the event of such a change, we will write to any affected applicant(s) promptly to notify them of the change and provide applicant(s) with details of the courses of action available to them.

In the event that, prior to a student commencing their study (who holds a confirmed offer of a place), we withdraw a course, a student may either:

  • transfer to another programme as offered by the University, which the student is qualified to undertake (meets minimum entry requirements) and where places are available (a number of programmes cannot exceed managed in-take numbers due to Government controls, limited professional placements which are integral to that specific programme of study and/or funding)
  • withdraw from the University without any liability for fees.

In these circumstances if a student wishes to withdraw from their place and to enrol in a course at a different University, we will also take reasonable action/s to assist in finding a suitable alternative place.