​Interviews are not normally required as part of the admissions process. However, interviews are required for courses where professional requirements warrant this e.g. Teacher Training and NHS courses. The majority of Art and Design courses also require applicants to attend interview in order to demonstrate a portfolio and evidence suitability for the course.

Applicants with non-standard qualifications, or mature applicants who do not meet the standard entry requirements may also be invited to attend interview in order to demonstrate the potential to succeed. Please refer to section 8.0 above in relation to Selection.

Failure to attend for interview will normally result in the application being withdrawn, unless Admissions are informed that the date of interview is not suitable. It is recognised that there may be dates when applicants are not available for interview and in these cases the University will make reasonable efforts to offer an alternative date.

Further information on interviews is available on our Advice for Applicants web pages.