​Once an application is received it will be considered by the University as outlined in section 9.0 above How We Consider Applications and When to Apply, and a decision will be made to make applicants an offer.  

All offer/s made by Cardiff Met are dependent on the receipt of a full and complete application that meets the admissions criteria outlined on course pages and UCAS.

10.1 Undergraduate Offers

Our aim is to process standard undergraduate offers within 48 hours which increases to a week at busy periods.  Non-standard and those requiring interview can take longer, ranging from 2 or 3 weeks or longer dependant on availability for interview.  Applications which are incomplete or missing evidence may also extend beyond the typical turnaround times.​

Conditional undergraduate ​will usually be communicated to applicants in the form of UCAS Tariff Points. For International applicants and those taking qualifications that are not included in the Tariff, offers will be expressed in appropriate equivalence.

10.2 Postgraduate Offers

Postgraduate offers are generally processed within a week of receipt, as long as all information is provided as part of the application. Where additional information is required turnaround times will differ. Courses that require interview also have an increased turnaround period.

10.3 Research Offers

The university will make an offer of for a research degree when it can provide supervision arrangements in the applicant’s area of research.

10.4 Alternative Offers

The university may offer a place on alternative courses at point of offer and/or confirmation stages for applicants who do not meet the entry requirements.

Alternative offers are made when an applicant does not meet the requirements of their original choice but meets the requirements of an alternative choice, which the University deems appropriate from the information provided at application. If applicants do not wish to receive the alternative offer they are not obliged to accept the change and can decline the offer made.

10.5 Offer Errors

Cardiff Met endeavours in its Admissions process and procedures to ensure that the offer making process is correct. However, rarely, errors will occur due to system failure or human error.

When an error has been in relation to an applicant’s offer the University reserves the right to amend this or offer an alternative where possible when

  • an applicant has not accepted their place and has not therefore been disadvantaged in the decision-making process
  • the applicant is not qualified, or, has not met regulatory requirements for the programme of study.

The University will inform the applicant with details of the error as soon as possible and any actions being taken as a result of the error.