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Transparency and Personal Information

All personal data requested and held by the University through the application process will be used in accordance with Data Protection Principles at all times, as highlighted within the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and our internal Data Protection, Data Management and Governance, Records Management, Information Security, and IT Acceptable Use policies. If you require more information on these policies please contact​.

The University will only correspond with the applicant about an application or decision, unless the applicant is under 18 and has provided consent to the University to correspond with a nominated contact (family member, agent, representative).

Cardiff Metropolitan University wishes to ensure that information provided to applicants about courses, facilities, entry requirements and procedures are as detailed and accurate as possible.

It also aims to ensure that all staff are continually trained in admissions procedures and are as polite and helpful as possible.

Cardiff Metropolitan University regularly reviews and monitors all matters relating to student admissions to ensure that the process is as fair and transparent as possible through both market research and feedback.