Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my DBS disclosure valid?

The DBS disclosure is literally a record of your criminal history up to the day that it was issued and as such there is no ‘validity’ period. Usually we will accept your disclosure for the duration of your course but please note that we do reserve the right to ask you to carry out a new DBS check at any point during your course as deemed necessary.

What is Cardiff Met's Secret Word for the First Advantage online disclosure application?

Please contact Admissions if you have not received an email informing you of Cardiff Met's secret word.

I have registered with First Advantage online and chosen to verify my documents with the Post Office, can I amend this?

Yes, you will need to log back into your online account and go back to stage 3 and update the option by simply choosing Organisation instead.

I have chosen to verify my documents with Cardiff Met, who should I choose as a verifier?

You will be provided with a list of verifiers to choose from at the end of your online application if you have chosen to verify your documents with Cardiff Met. You do not need to contact any of these verifiers, you can just bring along your documents to one of our i-Zones.

Is it worth joining the Update Service?

The Update Service allows individuals to apply to have their criminal record check kept up to date and employers to check that the information is current and valid, if they choose to do so.  It is therefore, in the interest of applicants to sign up to the Update Service when they undertake the DBS check.  It is particularly recommended for students who attend placements as part of their programme, and who will be progressing into roles bringing them into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults, as this limits the number of checks ​needed.

For further information on this service, please refer to the Update Service​ web pages.​

I have subscribed to the Update Service and have received my ID Number, do Cardiff Met need this?

Your ID Number is only used for you to be able to log into your Update Service account, Cardiff Met does not need to be informed of this.

Since being checked there has been a change to my criminal record, what should I do?

You MUST tell Cardiff Metropolitan University if there has been a change to your criminal record since you have received the outcome of your DBS disclosure. If you have not started your course you should inform the Admissions Office, alternatively if you have started your course then you should inform your Programme Leader or an appropriate tutor.

I have a criminal record, will this affect my application?

You must tell Cardiff Metropolitan University about any relevant criminal convictions, bind-over orders or cautions if you are undertaking a course which brings you into contact with children and/or vunerable adults.  If your course does not bring you into contact with children and/or vunerable adults you will need to inform Admissions of probation or restrictions.  If you have any doubt about the relevance of the criminal conviction, please contact Admissions, even if you have taken legal advice, so that advice can be given on Cardiff Metropolitan University's policy.

Having a conviction will not automatically exclude you from the application process but we may need to consider your application further.

You should also be aware that if you have a criminal conviction and are given a place on a Cardiff Metropolitan University course, this does not mean that you will be guaranteed work placements during your course, or that you will be able to register with professional bodies such as the Health and Care Professions Council and Education Workforce Council.

If you have indicated a criminal conviction, you may be required to attend an additional interview by your work placement organisation and where successful completion of a programme requires registration with a professional body e.g. the Health and Care Professions Council, you will need to apply to that body separately. The case will be reviewed again and at this point a decision will be made in relation to acceptance onto the register.

I have lived outside of the UK, how does this affect the criminal record checks?

All applicants must complete the self declaration form.

If you have never lived in the UK then you will not need to have a UK DBS check carried out. However, you will need to have the equivalent of a criminal records check carried out for the country (or countries) in which you have lived. If the country does not have an organisation similar to the DBS then you will usually need to contact your local police station (or equivalent) and ask them to issue you with a certificate stating whether or not you have a criminal record.

If you have lived in the UK and another country (or countries) then you must complete the UK DBS check and the equivalent of a criminal records check carried out for the other country (or countries) in which you have lived.

If you have resided in another country for work or holiday purposes for a period of more than 6 months, you would be expected to undertake a police check in the country in which you have resided.

Part-Time Students

For those students who undertake a part time course at Cardiff Metropolitan University which requires a DBS check, Cardiff Metropolitan University does not take responsibility for undertaking this, for the majority of its programmes, as the responsibility lies with the employing organisation.

All institutions and organisation in the UK that have a responsibility towards children and vulnerable adults in their care, are required to ensure the safety of those individual by checking that any employee or trainee student coming into contact with them has DBS clearance. Although the duty of responsibility lies with the employing institution students are encouraged to inform their employer about their current DBS status and how recently the check has been carried out.

Current or Returning Students

It is possible that students studying within other academic areas will be asked to carry out a criminal records check as part of their course, but you should not carry one out unless asked to do so. 

Previous or current Cardiff Met students, who have undertaken a DBS check through Cardiff Met for a previous course, will need to contact Admissions at to confirm if a new check is required.

If you are a current enrolled student and wish to undertake a placement or dissertation, which involves working with children or vulnerable adults, as part of your course, you may require a DBS Check.  Please refer to the Non-standard request for a DBS Check form which needs to be completed and returned to Admissions ( to determine the level of check required .  Alternatively, you are welcome to bring the form to Cardiff Met i-zones which are based in the main reception of either campus.   Please note: this form is not relevant for applicants who are yet to enrol and begin their course. 

If you are returning to your studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University on a course that requires a DBS check, you will need to complete a new DBS for the start of your programme.

If you have not been sent any information in relation to undertaking this check though the electronic process please contact Admissions on 029 2041 6010.

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