Compulsory Supporting Documents

​​​​When submitting an application through our Self-Service for a Postgraduate, Research or Part-time course, please make sure to include the following documents. Please be aware that your application will not be assessed until we receive all compulsory documents:

- Personal Statement.

- At least one Academic Reference (or professional reference if you have been out of education for the last 5 years).

- Copy of degree certificate or official final transcript. If you are still undertaking your undergraduate degree at the time that you are submitting the application, you will then need to provide official interim transcript. This should contain your name, University name, course title, modules undertaken so far and grades for those modules. Any document submitted without that information will not be accepted. Current and former Cardiff Met students are not required to provide this document.


​​​​​​​​​​​For programmes with additional application requirements, to be completed in conjunction with the Self-Service application, please see the latter three drop down menus.  For Research supporting information please click here​.


Personal Statement

This is a compulsory document for all applications. If you are applying for more than one course, you will need to upload a specific Personal Statement for each course.

When completing your personal statement, be mindful that what you submit is intended to enhance your application. If constructed poorly it may have a negative impact on your application as a whole. This is your opportunity to expand on qualifications and experience listed in your application form, as well as detailing why you would like to undertake a certain programme.

Information you may wish to include:

  • Why you would like to undertake the programme
  • Elements of the programme you are keen to study
  • Academic achievements
  • Extra-curricular achievements
  • Relevant work / volunteer experience
  • Relevant skills
  • Future plans, if your application is successful
  • Interests

Word limit: There is no specific word limit (unless specified for certain programmes in the sections below) however, as a guide, approximately 500 words should suffice.


Curriculum Vitae

Even if CV is not a generic compulsory document, a CV or other information can be uploaded to enhance your application, for example, to provide further information on employment history.



All programmes require at least one academic reference at application stage. If you have been out of education for 5 years, you will be able to provide a professional reference instead. Programmes with specific reference requirements are included on the tabs below. 

Reference Guidance 

This information has been put together to provide assistance in verification of references, however the notes on content are for general guidance only. References provided are to verify fact or opinion from a third party to enable an academic institution to make a judgement on suitability of a candidate (fact and opinion must be clearly differentiated).

Applicants are required to have agreement from their chosen referees before providing details with their application (family, friends, or similar are not permitted). If you agree to provide a reference for an applicant to Cardiff Metropolitan University you should remember that, under the terms of the Data Protection Act, applicants can ask for copies of their references and any other personal information we hold on their application record.

Unless specific requirements are noted below, here is some general guidance for referees with regards to providing references for applicants to Cardiff Metropolitan University postgraduate, part time or research programmes.


Academic Reference

Employer/Work Experience Reference

- Length of time and capacity in which you have known the applicant.

- Confirmation of achieved and/or predicted grades and title of programme (it is important to differentiate facts from opinions where applicable).

- Level of performance and relevant subjects studied.

- Comment on strengths, skills and abilities.

- Comparison of applicant's level of performance in their cohort.

- Applicant's motivations for the programme of study.

- You are welcome to add any further relevant comments not covered in the above notes, which would assist us in making a decision.

- Length of time and capacity in which you have known the applicant.

- Role and duration of time applicant has been in post.

- Duties and standard of work.

- Comment on strengths, skills and abilities relevant to the programme applied for.

- Work ethics.

- Applicant's motivations for the programme of study.

- You are welcome to add any further relevant comments not covered in the above notes, which would assist us in making a decision.


References must not contain any false, misleading or partial information, and must not be written, edited or changed in any way by the applicant. If it is found that an applicant has provided their own, or amended, their reference their application may be withdrawn.


Submissions of references

We are not able to request references on behalf of applicants. You are required to upload a reference letter on official headed paper, dated within 6 months prior to your application, and containing referee contact details. Alternatively, reference can be sent directly from the referee's work email address to

If your referee will be sending your reference directly to us, please upload a word document stating so on Self-Service, otherwise the system will not allow you to submit your application.

Current Cardiff Met students are generally not required to provide academic reference, unless the programme you are applying for is included on the following sections, and specifies so. In order to be able to submit your application through self-service, you will need to upload a document stating that you are a current student, otherwise the system will not allow you to continue.

Undergraduate Part-Time Courses​ - Additional supporting documents

Postgraduate Courses - Additional supporting documents

School of Art and Design

All postgraduate Art and Design programmes: a copy of your portfolio.

MSc Product Design: a copy of your portfolio and 2 Academic References.

MArch Architecture: a copy of your portfolio and copy of transcript.

School of Education and Social Policy

MA Creative Writing:  a copy of your portfolio or work (max 5,000 words of fiction/creative non-fiction/script, or up to 6 poems); CV.

MA Education (and pathways): you will need to provide: CV; Undergraduate Degree Transcript (or interim official transcript, if you are still undertaking your course); RPL request form (even if you are not willing to transfer credits. Only level 7 credits can be transferred); References:

- Former / current PGCE Cardiff Met student: no reference is required.
- Former / current Cardiff Met Undergraduate student: 1 Academic Reference
- Other: 2 Academic References

MA Education (Wales): apart from generic compulsory documents:

- evidence QTS;

- reference from Head Teacher or other relevant senior colleague/manager;

- Supplementary Application Form (Please upload this document as 'MA Education Application' on self-service) and Recognition of Prior Learning Form, both can be downloaded here.

- Proof of Residency in WalesForm and evidence. Please upload this document as 'Proof of address' on self-service.

- Marriage certificate if your name has changed since you gained your undergraduate degree.

MA Education Youth and Community Work & Advanced Youth and Community Practise: please upload your CV.

MA English Literature:an example of your critical writing (such as an undergraduate essay). This will need to be uploaded against the 'Portfolio' document type; CV.

MA English Literature and Creative Writing: a copy of portfolio or work (one the following: or six poems, 2,000 words of prose; or 2,000 words of critical writing or 5 minutes script AND an example of your critical writing (such as an undergraduate essay)); CV.

MSc Psychology in Education: at least one Academic Reference (also for Cardiff Met students).

MA Specialist
Journalism: copy of portfolio or work containing an example of your writing (this can be a piece of journalism, a blog or an undergraduate essay); CV.

School of Sport and Health Sciences

MSc Biomedical Science: you will need to upload: 2 Academic References (or professional if not applicable); a copy of your Undergraduate Degree Transcript (or interim official transcript, if you are still undertaking your course); your pathway preference form.

MSc Dental Technology: CV

PgDip Dietetics: Required Credits Summary Form (please upload against 'Course specific document 1' on self-service) and RPL request form, even if you are not willing to transfer credits (please upload document against 'Record of Prior Learning' on self-service). If you are applying for MSc and you are not a Cardiff Met student, you will need to provide transcript and RPL form to transfer your PgDip credits. 

MSc Forensic Psychology: 
you will need to upload an academic reference (also for Cardiff Met students); degree certificate or final transcript from an accredited BPS degree. If you haven't achieved your degree yet, you have to provide an official interim transcript.

PgDip Practitioner Forensic Psychology:
please click this link.

MRes Master of Research (Critical Social Science of Sport, Health and Education): please upload CV. 

MRes Master of Research (Health): academic reference also for Cardiff Met students.

MSc Professional Practice (Sport Performance Analysis) and MSc Professional Practice (Sport Governance Leadership):CV and 2 references (also for Cardiff Met students)

MSc Sport & Exercise Science: please upload CV.

MSc Sport Psychology: please upload CV.

MSc Sport Rehabilitation: a copy of your degree transcript. If you have not yet completed your degree, please provide an official interim transcript of your completed modules to date; one academic reference (also for Cardiff Met students); CV.

MSc Youth Athletic Development: academic reference also for Cardiff Met students.

School of Management 

Executive MBA: additional form, please upload against 'Other'. 20Twenty students who are willing to transfer credits will need to submit an RPL form.

MBA: please click this link to view the mandatory documentation.

MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management: please upload CV.

MSc International Supply Chain & Logistics Management: please upload CV.

MSc Strategic Marketing / MSc International Business Management / MSc Fashion Marketing Management: 2 Academic References.

Master of Research in Management and Doctor of Management require a research proposal with the application. Details on research proposal content for the School of Management can be found here

PCET Courses

  • PGCE / PCE Post Compulsory Education & Training: additional application form. Please save this form under 'Course specific document 1' on self-service. You will also need to provide 2 references and your CV.