Self Service Application FAQs

​​If you are experiencing difficulty with your Self Service application, please find below some frequently asked questions to assist you.  If you are still unable to proceed with your application, please contact Admissions:

Telephone: 029 2041 6010


Will I be sent login information for Self Service?

If you are a previous, or a current student at Cardiff Met you may have used Self Service previously to enrol onto a programme. The login used will remain the same if you would like to make an application, your username being your personal email address. You won't be able to use your internal Cardiff Met login details as the system accommodates external applicants as well as internal.

If you have been a previous student and not used Self Service you can enter your personal email and select the Forgotten Password? link. If you studied with us some time ago it may be that you have changed your email address, and you can try selecting the Forgotten Username? link. If you are still unable to login, Admissions will be able to help you.

For new applicants to Cardiff Met you can select the link to Create a New Login Account. Here you will need to set up your own login details, including a username and password. Please do not select this option if you have previously studied with us as this will create a duplicate record for you on the system. 

The system refers to New Students but I'm a current student.

If you are an current undergraduate student at Cardiff Met applying for a postgraduate course you are applying to be a new student on a new course.

Nothing is showing when I click to Enrol onto a programme.

You won't be able to enrol onto a programme until an application has been made and you have been officially offered a place. You will need to ensure that you click on one of the Applications boxes rather than Enrolment on the Self Service homepage. Self Service is used for both Applications and Enrolment, and successful applicants will be signposted to enrol later in the process when all conditions of offer have been met and place accepted.  

I have been granted funding (e.g. KESS2) for a research degree. Can I now enrol?

No. You will need to make a formal application to the university for approval by the Academic School and Research Degrees Committee. Your research proposal (KESS2 documentation) will still need to be uploaded at the end of the process to allow you to submit your application.

My programme isn't found in the search list.

You will need to ensure that the correct academic year is selected before you search. For example, if you are applying for the February 2018 intake this will fall under the 2017/18 academic year.

Programmes will be listed in the search as its full programme title, for example, the PGCE PCET programme will be listed as Professional Graduate Certificate in Education and the PCE PCET as Professional Certificate in Education. The EdD will be listed as Professional Doctorate in Education.

Research programmes are listed separately for each area of research within the university.

  • Research PhD (AAD) - School of Art & Design

  • Research PhD (EDUC) - School of Education & Social Policy

  • Research PhD (CSM) - School of Management

  • Research PhD (HS) - Health Sciences

  • Research PhD (PDR) - Product Design

  • Research PhD (Sport) - Sport

In the Course Details, what does 1FT09 or 1FS02 mean?

For each particular programme this refers to the entry point, mode of study and start month. For example, 1FT09 is broken down to Year 1 entry, Full Time, September (09). If you see FS/PS noted, this difference is for non-standard intakes, i.e. programmes not starting in September/October, and still refers to Full Time/Part time.

I'm having difficulty entering Secondary Qualifications in my Self Service application.

For the majority of postgraduate and research programmes being applied for through Self Service, secondary qualifications aren't detailed as part of the entry requirements therefore you are able to bypass this page to continue with your application. If you are applying for a part time undergraduate programme (or other courses requiring this information) and are having difficulty entering your secondary qualifications, you are able to bypass the page and upload the information in the Supporting Documents screen later in the application. We advise that you upload copies of qualifications achieved, and you can also upload a copy of your CV to detail your education history.

If you are a recent student at the university we likely already have confirmation of your secondary school/college qualifications, and further applications you make are to update your details and not duplicate information that will already have been provided.

Do I need to enter qualifications not yet completed?

You will need to include any qualifications currently being undertaken.

How do I enter overseas/professional qualifications?

If you are unable to enter overseas/professional qualification information in the Higher Education Qualifications screen, you are able to enter this detail on the next screen entitled Other Qualifications. This page allows for professional and/or international qualifications to be entered in a free text box.

I can't move on from the Supporting Documents page.

Compulsory documents must be uploaded before you can move on to submit your application. These are marked with *. Please check our Compulsory Supporting Documents.

Do I need to upload all documents listed on the Supporting Documents page?

Self Service is used for all applications made direct to the university. Some applicants will need to provide more documents than others therefore there are a number of options available. Any mandatory documents for specific programmes will be marked with *

We do advise that you upload as much information as possible to support your application to avoid any possible queries following submission, and provide proof of qualifications if completed as this will assist in processing of your application more quickly.

How can I upload additional documents?

There is an Additional Document option in the upload section of the application, however you can email any further information to Admissions who will add this to your record once your application has been submitted.

How do I accept an offer?

You can accept an offer by logging back in to Self-Service through which you applied, however please ensure that you do not accept more than one offer if you have applied for more than one programme. We ask that if you plan to accept you do so as soon as you are able, and by the end of August at the latest. Alternatively, you are able to accept an offer via email to