​​​​​​Student Finance

What do I do if Student Finance are awaiting confirmation of attendance?

This process is completed by our Academic Registry. Please email enrolment@cardiffmet.ac.uk for assistance.

What should I do if I am receiving Student Finance?

We will receive confirmation of your funding directly from Student Finance. We would recommend you apply with enough time that the application has been accepted before the start of term.

What do I do if my Student Finance is late?

Please inform our Exchequer department at tuitionfees@cardiffmet.ac.uk that your student finance is late and please keep us informed of any updates you receive from Student Finance. We would encourage you to contact Student Finance regularly.

If funding is not provided by the start of Term 2, you may be required to begin paying your fees in the interim. Once we receive funding from student finance, a refund will be issued of any overpayments that may be on your account.

Will I have to pay my Tuition Fees if I withdraw from my course?

If you wish to withdraw from your course, your withdrawal date will determine how much of your tuition fee is payable. More information, including a breakdown of dates, can be found here: Withdrawal and Fees.


What should I do if I am being sponsored?

Please provide a sponsor letter on letterheaded paper to enrolment@cardiffmet.ac.uk. The sponsor letter will need to confirm the following information:

  • Name of sponsor
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Level of funding
  • Student name and number
  • Purchase order number (if applicable)

Once we have received this, we can update your student record and bill your sponsor directly. You will need to do this for each year of study.

NHS Bursary

What should I do if I am receiving the NHS bursary?

Please send your NHS Student Awards letter to enrolment@cardiffmet.ac.uk once you receive it. From there then we can update your student record and bill the NHS bursary team directly.


Can I pay by instalments if I am self-funding?

Yes - you can make payment in full or set up instalments (Recurring Card Payments) via the payment portal: Make a Payment.

There are instalment plans available for both Home and International students.

The instalment options are:

Home self-funding students, and for returning international students continuing on a course (September Intake):

Payment Dates% of Tuition Fees

New self-funding international students and international students progressing to a new course (September Enrolment):

​Payment Dates% of Tuition Fees
​On application50%

Overseas fee paying students must make a deposit fee payment as stipulated on our official offer letter to join your course. Excluding the International Foundation Course at ELTC who require full course payment, all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes require a 50% deposit of your total course fee, from September 2023 intake onwards. For example, if your course fee after scholarship is £16,000​, you will be required to make £8,000 deposit by the deadline as stated below and on the offer letter. Our offer letters also include the payment schedule for the year you intend to join the University.​

How do I set up an instalment plan?

​Please see the attached instructional document for guidance on setting up an instalment plan.

Please note when filling out the student number box please do not include the ‘st’ prefix attached to your student number.

How much are my fees?

All fees for 2024/2025 can be found here: 2024/2025 Fee Table.

Discounts and Scholarships

Am I eligible for any scholarships or bursaries?

Information on Scholarships that are available to Home students can be found here: Bursaries & Scholarships​.

Information on Scholarships that are available to International ​students can be found here: Applying to Cardiff Met Scholarships.

Can I get Alumni Discount?

All information regarding the Alumni Discount can be found here: Alumni Discount.

If you have any further questions or wish to confirm whether you are eligible, please contact scholarship@cardiffmet.ac.uk​.