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Withdrawal and Fees

Withdrawing from your course

If you are thinking about withdrawing from your course there are some things you will need to consider, and we suggest you book an appointment with a Student Retention Officer by completing this form to tell us you are thinking of leaving so you can receive appropriate support and guidance.  You may be liable for some or all of your tuition fees, depending on when you withdraw.  This amount will also depend on how your tuition fees are paid.

Information for the 2021-22 academic year is detailed below:

For Undergraduates (Full-Time and Part-Time) & PGCE courses

 Time of withdrawalTuition Fees paid directly through Student FinanceTuition Fees not funded through Student Finance
Information  based on October 2021 course start dateFirst 2 weeks of term - Up to 10th Oct 2021No chargeNo charge
Period 1 - Up to 9th Jan 202225%40%
Period 2 - Up to 2nd May 202250%70%
Period 3 - Anytime from 3rd May 2022100%100%


For Postgraduates (Full-Time and Part-Time) & Research courses

 Time of withdrawal 
Information  based on October 2021 course start dateFirst 2 weeks of term - Up to 10th Oct 2021No charge
Period 1 - Up to 9th Jan 202240%
Period 2 - Up to 2nd May 202270%
Period 3 - Anytime from 3rd May 2022100%


If you are starting the academic year on at a 'non-traditional' point (i.e. January or April) or are doing a 'short course', please contact the Tuition Fees Team (details below) to clarify the periods.

Further information

You can contact our Tuition Fees team at if you have any further queries around how withdrawing from University will affect your tuition fee charges.

You can contact our Money & Welfare team at or on 029 2041 6170 to discuss the implications of withdrawing from University on your student finance.

You may also wish to speak to our accommodation team on 029 2041 6188 or at to discuss any tenancy related queries.

If you are an academic member of staff you can refer a student who has expressed a wish to withdraw to the Student Retention Team in Student Services for support using the Retention Referral Form for Academic Staff