Alumni Discount

​Cardiff Met offers a scheme that allows a 25% reduction in tuition fees for Cardiff Met graduates enrolling onto postgraduate programmes from September 2020.

If you are a graduate of the University, or are currently studying at either postgraduate or undergraduate level, you could benefit from the Alumni Discount for your future postgraduate study at Cardiff Met.


The discount will be automatically applied if you meet all the following requirements:

a. You must be a previous full-time or part-time student of Cardiff Met (or as UWIC/Cardiff Institute of Higher Education). This includes franchised UK partners.

b. You have achieved an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification with us (including PGCE qualifications).

c. You have enrolled and be studying on a postgraduate programme at a Cardiff based campus of Cardiff Metropolitan University during the 2020/21 academic year.

d. You must be liable for the full tuition-fee cost of your postgraduate course and be entirely privately funded (funding from Student Finance Wales/England is allowed) and not in receipt of sponsorship from any other body (e.g. employer, provider of any other scholarship or bursary) and also not in receipt of any incentive payments (e.g. government incentive).

You are not eligible for the award if you are:

    • enrolling on a non-eligible Secondary PGCE programme: please check your course here.
    • enrolling on a Primary PGCE programme.
    • enrolling on a PGCE/PCE Post Compulsory Education & Training (PCET) programme.
    • an Erasmus students.
    • a student from a Franchised non-UK partner, undertaking your postgraduate course overseas.
    • in receipt of staff or current partnership discounts.
    • in receipt of any NHS Bursary award.
    • in receipt of any Teacher Training Grant allocation.


Terms and Conditions

Please see the Terms and Conditions for full eligibility. It is important that you read the terms and conditions to fully understand your rights and responsibilities with respect to the Alumni Discount.

How the discount is applied

The discount will be automatically applied to fees, for those that meet the eligibility criteria, provided you are enrolled and have not withdrawn within the first two weeks of the course. 


Is the discount available to Home, EU and International students?
Yes, the alumni discount is available to Home, EU and International graduates from Cardiff Met.

What does self-funded mean?
You are self-funded if you are paying all of your tuition fees yourself. This can include financial support from a friend or relative, and/or Postgraduate Loans from Welsh or English Government.

What other sources of funding are available?
You will need to plan well in advance how you are going to pay your tuition fees and support yourself while you study your postgraduate programme. Our Money Advice Team can offer you support and information on a variety of postgraduate funding sources.

Am I guaranteed the Alumni Discount if i meet the criteria?
Yes, if you meet all the eligibility criteria details above then the discount will be automatically applied to your fees.

If I have already received the Alumni Discount for a previous Masters degree, can I enrol on another Masters and receive the discount again?
Yes, the alumni discount can be awarded to you again, provided there is no bad academic standing or debts to the university.

If I withdraw from my studies, does the alumni discount still apply to the costs already incurred?
Yes, the discount will be applied to the costs incurred if you withdraw. Please refer to the information on our fee regulation pages in relation to the percentage of costs which are incurred if a student withdraws.

Is there a time limit from when I completed my first Cardiff Met qualification to when I can be awarded the alumni discount?
There is no time limit in relation to when the qualification was completed.

I have studied a PGCE in Cardiff Met, am I entitled to the Alumni Discount if I study a Master?

Yes, you are so long you meet the rest of the eligibility criteria.

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to the Alumni Discount, please contact Admissions on