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Study Life Award Questions

​I believe I live in a low participation area but my postcode is not listed in the check box. Can I apply for the award?

I am afraid if your postcode is not identified by either HEFCW or HEFCE as a designated low participation area then you will not be able to apply for the award.

​​I am already studying at Cardiff Met. Can I apply for the Award?

No, unfortunately the bursary is only available to new undergraduate students. For full terms and conditions of the award please visit our Study Life webpage. If you are a current Cardiff Met student and are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact out student advisory service on financeadvice@cardiffmet.ac.uk for advice.

​I will be living at home whilst studying at Cardiff Met. Can I apply for the Living First package?

The ‘Living First’ package is designed for students living in rented accommodation such as halls of residence or landlord-rented properties. In your case you should apply for the ‘Study First’ package, which includes a Cardiff Metrider bus pass to help you travel to university.

​What do I do once I have received confirmation that I will receive the award?

After you apply for the award you will receive an automatic e-mail to confirm we have received your application. You will then be notified if you are eligible to receive the award subject to meeting the terms and conditions. Once the terms and conditions have been met you will then be sent confirmation including information on how to use the award. If you have any queries you can contact the Study Life team on studylife@cardiffmet.ac.uk

​Will I need to re-apply for the award in years 2 and 3?

If you have been awarded the bursary, it will automatically roll over onto years 2 and 3 (depending on progression). You will only have to inform us if you wish to change the package that you originally chose.  Please note, if you do not specify this your choice will default to the ‘Study’ package. For more information contact the Study Life team on studylife@cardiffmet.ac.uk

​I am receiving the Award and will be continuing my studies into a fourth year. Do I still get the award?

The Award is allocated for the duration of your course, so if this is 4 years the award will be granted. The Award does not cover any resists unless there are full mitigating circumstances.

I am re sitting my 1st year and not progressing. Will I still be able to receive the Award?

I am afraid the Award is not allocated without progression, unless there are full mitigating circumstances, so if you have to re sit any year you will not be entitled to receive the Award for that year. If you progress to year two after retaking the first year and successfully pass you will then be entitled to receive the award once you start your second year.

Information on mitigating circumstances can be found in the Cardiff Met Academic Handbook. If you have any queries, please contact the Scholarship Officer on scholarship@cardiffmet.ac.uk