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Meet your Tutor and Induction



You may be asked to attend a programme induction event. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet your Programme Director and will usually cover everything you need to know about the structure of the course, modules, your timetable and methods of assessment. During your induction session you will be given a scheduled time slot to collect your Student ID Card.

Your programme induction details will be included in your Programme Joining In​formation​.

Whilst there are formal induction events for full-time undergraduate students, postgraduate/part-time students usually have work or other commitments to manage in addition to their studies and as a result induction will be more programme-focused and is usually coordinated with programme attendance.

Where possible you should make sure that you attend induction events on time as failure to do so may result in you not receiving important information. If you can not attend your induction event you should contact your Programme Director who will be able to advise you further.