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​​Welcome Postgraduate Students

We hope that you find your time here a very rewarding and enjoyable​ experience, and we look forward to welcoming you to Cardiff Metropolitan University to begin your studies.​ The programme joining information below will explain a little more about your course, provide Programme Director contact details, and explain when you will need to first attend. It is important that you view your joining information as early as possible so that you have sufficient time to comply with any special requirements for your​ ​programme. Information is listed by course below.  

As well as the information below, please also refer to your Programme Specification, which you will have accessed when you initially received your offer, and the Programme Updates page in relation to any changes to your programme following COVID-19. 

Course Start Date - October 5th 2020


Art and Design - MRes                                                    -  Induction Timetable

Accounting and Finance - MSc                                       - Induction Timetable

Advanced Computer Science - MSc                             Induction Timetable

Applied Public Health - MSc                                           - Induction Timetable

Advanced Practice (all pathways) - MSc                       - Induction Timetable


Banking and Finance - MSc                                             - Induction Timetable

Biomedical Science - MSc                                                - Induction Timetable


Ceramics and Maker - MA                                            Induction Timetable

Creative Enterprise and Innovation - MA                  -  Induction Timetable

Creative Writing - MA                                                    Induction Timetable


Data Science - MSc                                                      -   Induction Timetable

Digital Marketing Management - MSc                      -  Induction Timetable

Dietetics - PGDip                                                           - Induction Timetable

Dental Technology - MSc                                             - Induction Timetable


Economics and Finance - MSc                                                                     Induction Timetable

Education - MA (full-time)                                                                             MA Education Induction Week Timetable

Education: Additional Learning Needs                                                       ALN Induction Week Timetable

Education: Policy and Practice                                                                     Policy and Practive Induction Week Timetable 

Leadership in Education                                                                               Leadership Induction Week Timetable

Education: Youth and Community Work - MA                                           Induction Timetable

Education: TESOL - MA                                                                                  Induction Timetable

English Literature - MA                                                                                 Induction Timetable

English Literature and Creative Writing - MA                                            Induction Timetable

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management - MSc                          Induction Timetable

Event Project Management - MSc                                                              Induction Timetable


Fashion Design - MA                                                                                   Induction Timetable

Fashion Marketing Management - MSc                                                   Induction Timetable

Fine Art - Master of Fine Art - MFA   -                                                       Induction Timetable

Financial Management - MSc                                                                   Induction Timetable

Food Science and Technology - MSc                                                     - Induction Timetable

Food Technology for Industry - MSc                                                     - Induction Timetable

Forensic Psychology - MSc                                                                      - Induction Timetable

Forensic Psychology (Practitioner) - PGDip                                           


Global Design - MDes                                                                            -   Induction Timetable


Human Resource Management - MSc                                                   Induction Timetable

Health Psychology - MSc                                                                        - Induction Timetable


Illustration and Animation - MA                                                         -   Induction Timetable

Information Technology Management - MSc                                       Induction Timetable

International Business Management - MSc                                         Induction Timetable

International Hospitality Management - MSc                                      Induction Timetable

International Supply Chain & Logistics Management - MSc             Induction Timetable


Master of Fine Art - MFA                                                                     -   Induction Timetable

Master of Research (Health) - MRes                                                     Induction Timetable

Master of Research (Biomedical Science) - MRes                               Induction Timetable

Master of Research (Psychology) - MRes                                             Induction Timetable

MBA (all pathways) Joining Pack and Induction Timetable



Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing - MSc / PGDip / PGCert            Induction Timetable


Psychology in Education - MSc                                                                         - Induction Timetable

Product Design - MSc                                                                                          Induction Timetable

PCE Post Compulsory Education and Training - PCET                                - Induction Information & Timetable

PGCE Post Compulsory Education and Training - PCET                             - Induction timetable

Professional Practice (Sport Performance Analysis) - MSc                        - Induction Timetable

Project Management - MSc                                                                            - Induction Timetable


Sociology and Ethics of Sport - MA                                  - Induction Timetable

Specialist Journalism - MA                                                 -   Induction Timetable

Sport and Exercise Science - MSc                                    - Induction Timetable

Sport Broadcast - MSc                                                       - Induction Timetable

Sport Coaching and Pedagogy - MSc                              - Induction Timetable

Sport Management and Leadership - MSc                    - Induction Timetable

Sport Performance Analysis (Analytics) - MSc              - Induction Timetable

Sport Psychology - MSc                                                    - Induction Timetable

Sport Rehabilitation - MSc                                               - Induction Timetable

Strategic Marketing Management - MSc                       - Induction Timetable

Strength and Conditioning - MSc                                   - Induction Timetable


Technology Project Management - MSc               - Induction Timetable


Youth and Community Work - MA / PG Diploma  - Induction Timetable

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Late Arrivals

If for any reason you are unable to make your induction, or have been accepted to the university as a late applicant, you will find contact details for your programme team in your specific joining pack (see details above). Please ensure you contact the team as soon as possible to inform them if you are missing induction and they will be able to provide you with the necessary information.