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Our Cardiff School of Technologies facilities

The new state-of-the-art School of Technologies offers an environment designed with students at its heart. It features a suite of dedicated high-tech labs and teaching spaces, an open learning area, a research hub for PhD students, and office space for lecturers and School staff.

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Dedicated high-tech labs

Our high-spec labs cover Robotics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Games Design and Development, Computer Security and Electronic Systems. Three Teaching Labs are also available to support learning and teaching.

Each laboratory is designed to facilitate hands-on learning, covering all aspects of technology from computer programming to electronic embedded controllers, from the manipulation of large volumes of data to gain insights using AI, to the programming and development of micro controllers for the Internet of Things.

Open learning area and social spaces

The open learning and social spaces in the building provide a home for Technologies students to hang out with peers, network and study in an informal setting.

Research hub and office space

Research students benefit from a dedicated space and are fully integrated with the delivery of undegraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. The new building also provides a home for School lecturers and staff.

Display and exhibition areas

Display areas allow temporary exhibitions of student work and research undertaken within the School, and provide long-term displays of technology evolution. The School of Technologies creates an innovative and stimulating environment to alert students and visitors to the infinite possibilities of technology development.

Our future

The new building is only the first phase in an ambitious six-year plan. Cardiff School of Technologies will continue to expand at the Llandaff campus in coming years to support our learning, teaching and research.