Dr Imtiaz Ali Khan

Dr Imtiaz Ali Khan

Department: Department of Computer Science

Office/Location: Cardiff School of Technologies, Llandaff Campus

Telephone: +44 (0)29 2041 6453

Email: ikhan@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Staff Overview

​Dr Imtiaz Khan is a Reader in Data Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK with a mission to increase the veracity and value of big data. Having a PhD in Bioinformatics from Cardiff University, UK and a postdoctoral fellowship from Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, USA, his research focuses on heterogeneous data integration and interpretation through visualisation. At present his research interest includes provenance, blockchain, data modelling, data interoperability, interactive data visualisation, machine learning and IoT integrated mobile app development. He leads the Centre for Industry 4.0 and Blockchain Research (CI4BCR) at Cardiff Met and also founded the Hub for Distributed Technologies and Future Societies, a multidisciplinary research cluster investigating the impact of distributed technologies like blockchain on future societies. He is also the programme director for the BSc Apprenticeship Data Science programme.


  • In collaboration with the Office for National Statistics and the Welsh Government, he designed and developed the first Degree Apprenticeship Data Science programme of its kind in Wales. Now acting as a Programme Director. 
  • Supervise/co-supervise 6 PhD and 3 MPhil. Including 3 KESS funded PhD studentships and 1 Professional Doctorate (DProf).
  • Module Leader for number of Data Science related modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 


  • Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology/Smart Contract 
  • IoT and mobile app 
  • Machine learning, AI, Chatbot 
  • Data interoperability 
  • Data visualisation 
  • Research reproducibility 
  • Trust on data (with social science) 

Key Publications

Shahaab A, Lidgey B, Hewage C, Khan IA (2019) Applicability and Appropriateness of Distributed Ledgers Consensus Protocols in Public and Private Sectors: A Systematic Review. IEEE Access, 7: 43622-36 

Shahaab A, Maude R, Hewage C, Khan IA (2019) Blockchain: A Panacea for Trust Challenges In Public Services? A Socio-technical Perspective. JBBA, 3(2):1-11 

Khan IA*, Neil S* and Errington RJ (2018) Analysing The Role of Virtualisation and Visualisation on Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange in Stem Cell Research Processes. Nature-Palgrave Communications, 4:78  

Khan IA, Fraser A, Bray M-A, Smith PJ, White NS, Carpenter AE and Errington RJ (2014) ProtocolNavigator: emulation based software for the design, documentation and reproduction biological experiments. Bioinformatics, 30(23):3440-2  

Khan IA, Lupi M, Campbell L, Chappell SC, Brown MR, Wiltshire M, Smith PJ, Ubezio P, Errington RJ (2011) Interoperability of Time Series Cytometric Data: A Cross Platform Approach for Modeling Tumor Heterogeneity. Cytometry A, 79(3):214-26    

Macgroger S & Khan IA (2006) GAIA: A Simple Web-Based Application for Interaction Analysis of Case-Control Data. BMC Medical Genetics 7:347  

Other Projects and activities

Principal Investigator (PI) 

  • Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with DevsOpsGuys – Physical Supply Chain to Digital Supply Chain (£130 K) 
  • Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Window Cleaning Warehouse Creating an integrated business management and intelligent system to optimise window cleaning operation (£151 K) 
  • Smart Partnership with Satori Lab Ltd, Investigating Organisational Culture with Network Analysis (£28 K) 
  • Smart Partnership with Business Butler,  A Business Advisory Chatbot for Start-ups and Small businesses (£87 K) 
  • Knowledge Economy Skills PhD Scholarship (KESS2) with Companies House, UK - Using Distributed Ledger Technologies to Guarantee the Integrity of the Company Register (£72 K) 
  • Knowledge Economy Skills PhD Scholarship (KESS2) with Coin Cover, UK - Assessing Risks and Safeguarding Transactions in Cryptocurrency: A Novel Business Intelligence Approach. (£72 K)  
  • European Research Council with Bangladesh Agricultural University, ERASMUS Mobility Grant (£15K) 

Co-Investigator (CoI) 

  • UKRI Ideas to address COVID-19 with Balsamee Ltd & Cwn Taf University Health Board, The new normal for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service CAMHS Community Care in Covid-19 times (£202 K) [CoI] 
  • Knowledge Economy Skills PhD Scholarship (KESS2) with Cwm Taf University Health Board, UK - Visualisation of Hypertension: A Novel Communication Approach to Support Adherence to Medication. (£72 K) [CoI].   
  • Welsh Crucible Small Grants Scheme with Cardiff Gamelan Ensemble - The Stem Cell Orchestra-transforming biological experimental workflows into music through computational algorithms (£10 K) [CoI].

External Links


  • Cardiff University, UK 
  • Swansea University, UK 
  • Brunel University, UK 
  • Leeds University, UK 
  • Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT, USA 
  • Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, Italy 
  • Helmholtz Institutes, Germany 
  • Bielefeld University, Germany 
  • National University of Ireland, Ireland 
  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia 


  • Office of National Statistics, UK 
  • Welsh Government, UK 
  • National Health Services (NHS), UK 
  • Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, UK 
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA 


  • FinTech Wales 
  • Satori Lab 
  • Business Butler 
  • DevOps Group 
  • Window Cleaning Warehouse 
  • Balsamee Ltd. 
  • Age Connect Wales