Dan Anthony

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Position:​Lecturer
​School: ​ Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy
​Room No:





The Bus Stop At The End of the World (Gomer Press 2017)

Steve's Dreams - Steve and the Singing Pirates (Firefly Press 2015)

Steve's Dreams - Steve and the Sabre Tooth Tiger  (Firefly Press 2014)

The Rugby Zombies – The Last International (Gomer Press 2012)

The Rugby Zombies – Number 2 (Gomer Press 2011)

The Rugby Zombies (Gomer press 2010) - shortlisted for Tir na n’Og award by Welsh Books Council

Short Stories:

The Fake In The Back (New Welsh Review 2017)

Hurry On Sundown (BBC Radio 4 2009)

Saint David (New Welsh Review 1994)

Conference Papers:

'Bad Boys' - presentation and workshop on boys' engagement in reading and creative writing (years 7-10) (NAWE Conference 2015)

Other Publications:


The Story of Tracy Beaker scriptwriter series 2 and 3 (BBC CBBC 2001-3)

The Baas series 1 and 2 (S4C 2004-5)

Two Bit, The Fridge and A Crowd In The Countryside – single dramas (HTV 1992) 

Radio Plays:

The Bridge (BBC Radio Wales 2004)

The Well (BBC Radio Wales 2004) 

The Nation Grieves (BBC Radio Wales 2004)

Rubens Goes To Town (BBC Radio Wales 2004)

Wet (BBC Radio Wales 2004) 

The End Of The Iron Age (BBC Radio Wales 2004)

The Pembrokeshire Underground (BBC Radio 3 2003)

Atlantis (BBC Radio 4 2001)

Malgosia And The Men (BBC Radio 4 1997)

Situation Comedies:

Pub Globo - Series 1, 2 and 3 (Writer/Director) (BBC Radio Wales 1999-2001)

The Fishford Observer - Series 1 and 2 (Writer/Director) (BBC Radio Wales 2002-2003)

Favourites - Series 1 (Writer/Director) (BBc Radio Wales 2002)

Documentaries and docu-dramas:

The Creative Mine (BBC Radio Wales 2015)

The Preist, The Badger and The Little Green Men From Mars (BBC Radio 4 2011)

Postcards from Home (BBC Radio Wales 2002)

The Elements (BBC Radio Wales 2001)