Occupational Health




To comply with current Health & Safety legislation, all Cardiff Met​​​​​​students undertaking a healthcare-related programme at Cardiff School of Health Sciences (involving a clinical placement component), are required to participate in a mandatory Occupational Health Screening assessment. Additionally, certain courses are also required to adhere to the Department of Health's immunisation and vaccination programme

The ONLY Cardiff School of Health Sciences' courses that require participation in either an Occupational Health Screening ​​and/or a Vaccination programme are:

  • BSc / DipHE / CertHE Complementary Healthcare (with Practitioner Status)
  • BSc Healthcare Science
  • BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • BSc Podiatry​​
  • BSc Speech & Language Therapy
  • MSc/PgDip Dietetics

Therefore, if you are holding a Conditional Offer for any of the above Cardiff School of Health Sciences' courses and you have accepted Cardiff Met as your FIRM choice, please familiarise yourself with information​ below to see how the Occupational Health programme WILL affect you.​

Please DO NOT COMPLETE the Occupational Health Questionnaire if you are undertaking any other programme at any other School at Cardiff Met. ​

Does Occupational Health affect me?

If you have received a Conditional Offer to study any of the above listed courses at Cardiff School of Health Sciences (involving clinical placements); have accepted Cardiff Met as your FIRM choice and are due to enter the FIRST YEAR , please familiarise yourself with the information below to see how different elements of the Occupational Health programme WILL affect you:

1) Occupational Health Questionnaire (OHQ)
Completion and return of the OHQ – PRIOR TO ENROLMENT- is a mandatory requirement for all Cardiff School of Health Sciences' students on the following programmes:

  • BSc /DipHE / CertHE Complementary Therapies Healthcare (with Practitioner Status)
  • BSc Healthcare Science
  • BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BSc Podiatry
  • BSc Speech and Language Therapy
  • MSc/PgDip Dietetics

Please Note: as this is a core requirement of your Conditional Offer, full completion and return of the OHQ is required before you can be considered 'Eligible to Enrol'. This is to provide us with a baseline assessment of your health.

2) Occupational Health Screening (OHS)
Once enrolled as a Cardiff Met student and on campus, attendance at the initial OHS Appointment is a mandatory requirement for all Cardiff School of Health Sciences' students on the following programmes:

  • BSc /DipHE / CertHE Complementary Therapies Healthcare(with Practitioner Status)
  • BSc Healthcare Science
  • BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BSc Podiatry
  • BSc Speech and Language Therapy
  • MSc /PgDipDietetics

Please Note: the screening appointment is the initial health assessment that allows Cardiff Met's appointed occupational health advisor's to declare you 'Fit to Study' and to allow you to continue onto your course and onto clinical placements.

3) ​Vaccination & Immunisation Programme
At the OHS appointment, the occupational health advisor will look at the vaccination history you provided in the OHQ and inform students on the following courses of the mandatory vaccinations and immunisations that they are required to have:

  • BSc Healthcare Science
  • BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • BSc Podiatry​​
  • BSc Speech and Language Therapy
  • MSc/PgDip Dietetics

Please note: normally, where an NHS placement is part of the course, vaccinations are mandatory. However, please note the following exceptions:

  • BSc /DipHE / CertHE Complementary Healthcare (with Practitioner Status) students, though being advised of the need to have certain vaccinations, can choose to opt out of vaccinations, but this will impact on their​placement provision.

All of the above are the ONLY programmes run at Cardiff School of Health Sciences that have a requirement for participation in t​he Occupational Health Questionnaire and Screening, prior to undertaking any clinical placements.

​Please DO NOT COMPLETE the Occupational Health Questionnaire if you are undertaking any other programme at any other School at Cardiff Met.​

What is involved in the Occupational Health programme?

If you have applied to Cardiff Met's School of Health Sciences to study a programme listed above for YEAR ONE entry in September 2016 or January 2017 and have accepted Cardiff Met as your FIRM choice, you will be notified by email from May onwards of your requirement to take part in an Occupational Health programme.

Part 1: Completing and returning the Occupational Health Questionnaire:
This involves, firstly, completing the mandatory sections in the Occupational Health Questionnaire (OHQ) and returning this by email to our appointed occupational health provider (Fulcrum Reporting) - BEFORE YOU ENROL - and by the required deadline

  • For September 2016 start dates the deadline is 31st July 2016.

Please note, as this is a mandatory requirement of all Conditional Offers, you will - NOT BE ABLE TO ENROL- until you have returned a completed OHQ.

The OHQ will provide a baseline assessment of your current health and specifically requires you to provide full details of all the vaccinations and inoculations that you have received since birth from your GP. Therefore, we advise that you begin this process as soon as you receive notification to do so (from May 2016 onwards), to allow your GP ​enough time to generate this list. However, please be aware that your current GP may not have full, up-to-date details of your vaccination/immunisation history since birth and, therefore, you may be required to also contact your previous GP's and school/s direct for evidence. Therefore, the process could take up to a couple of weeks to complete.

Part 2: Attending the Occupational Health Screening Appointment:
Once your place on the course has been confirmed and you have successfully enrolled as a Cardiff Met student, you will, secondly, be required to attend the mandatory Occupational Health Screening(OHS) appointment, once you arrive on campus. This involves a 20 minute appointment with our occupational health provider; Fulcrum Reporting, during the first few weeks of your first term. At the appointment, our occupational health advisor will discuss the information you provided in your OHQ, in line with the requirements of the course, plus whether any adjustments or provision of any equipment/aids will be required and any health issues that are concerning you. If there are no health issues, the adviser will pass you as 'fit to study' and to continue onto your course.

It is at this appointment that your vaccination/inoculation history will also be looked at and you will be told if you are required to undertake any vaccination injections/procedures. Please note, not all courses require mandatory participation in a vaccination programme. However, certain courses do.

Part 3: Undertaking required Vaccinations and Inoculations:
Certain courses and programmes require mandatory participation in a vaccination programme, but some do not. This is in order to comply with the Department of Health's vaccination and immunisation programme and to ensure that students are safe to take part in clinical placement activity. Normally, where an NHS placement is part of the course, vaccinations are​ mandatory

Currently, the mandatory Occupational Health Vaccinations required include:

  • MMR: Three vaccinations given approximately six weeks apart. You may have had these as a child.
  • Hepatitis A(currently BSc Healthcare Science students only).
  • Hepatitis B: Three vaccinations and a blood test. The second vaccination is given four weeks after the first. The third is given six months after the first. The blood test is carried out six weeks after the last vaccination.
  • BCG: Vaccination against Tuberculosis. You may have had this as a child - you will have a scar on your arm. If you haven't had your BCG, you will need to attend a BCG clinic for a skin test and then a vaccination. The occupational health advisor will give you details of this. BCG appointments are time critical so you must attend both.
  • Varicella(chickenpox). If you haven't had chickenpox, the occupational health advisor will need to perform a blood test to check for immunity and, if necessary, follow up with two vaccinations.

Each injection/procedure will be administered free-of-charge by Fulcrum Reporting at both the initial appointment and at all subsequent appointments, as required.

Details of your initial appointment with Fulcrum Reporting will be provided during your Induction week.

Details of any follow up vaccination/blood test appointments that you may be required to have will be provided by Fulcrum Reporting – potentially at the initial screening appointment or by email. Therefore, please ensure that you provide Fulcrum Reporting with your current and correct email address, so that you do not miss these.

When do I need to complete the Occupational Heath Questionnaire?

​If your application is Conditional Firm for one of the School of Healthcare Sciences' programmes listed above, you will be notified by email from May 2016 onwards of your requirement to complete an Occupational Health Questionnaire.

The deadline for completion and return of the Occupational Health Questionnaire is:

  • For September 2016 start dates the deadline is 31st July.

This is to allow the University's all​ocated ​occupational healthcare provider: Fulcrum Reporting, the time to process the information and assess your individual requ​irements, prior to you arriving on campus in September 2016 or January 2017. The information you provide in the OHQ will then inform what vaccinati​ons/inoculations you require, as part of the Occupational Health Screening, which takes place once you are on campus.

There is no guarantee that questionnaires received after the respective deadlines will be processed by the start of your course. Therefore, this will delay your enrolment.

How do I complete/return the Occupational Health Quest​ionnaire​?

​Please scan and attach any details of previous vaccinations/inoculations that you obtained from your GP.

  • In exceptional circumstances, you can post your completed OHQ and vaccination/inoculation documents to:

Fulcrum Reporting Limited
c/o Danescourt Surgery
4 Rachel Close

Please mark your envelope:
Strictly Private and Confidential -
Cardiff Metropolitan University Occupational Health Questionnaire

  • Please ensure that you keep a photocopy of your OHQ and vaccination/inoculation documents.

Who is Cardiff Met's Occupational Health Provider?

​Cardiff Met's occupational health provider is:

Fulcrum Reporting Limited
c/o Danescourt Surgery
4 Rachel Close

Tel: 01527 579502>

All Occupational Health appointments will take place here. The venue is only a short distance from Cardiff Met's Llandaff campus, located in the next village.

Please note, Fulcrum Reporting Limited is employed by Cardiff Metropolitan University as an Occupational Health provider only. The office and clinical facilities at Danescourt Surgery are used only as a base​to provide occupational health services to Cardiff Met students. Therefore, any student requiring GP services should register with a local practice.​ Please contact Student Services for assistance with this.​

What will happen to the information I provide​?

  • Why is Cardiff Metropolitan​ University collecting this information?

The University has a legal duty of care to all its employees and students. ​​The information collected in the Occupational Health Questionnaire and the Occupational Health Screenin​g appointments facilitates the provision of this care.

  • What will happen to the information I provide throughout the Occupational Health programme?

The information collected will be used to comply with Health & Safety legislation regarding the University's duty of care. It is also used to ensure that no individual is put into an area of inappropriate risk and to facilitate the development of any relevant and reasonable assistance to accommodate an individual to a post. ​

The information collected will also be used to form a baseline assessment of an individual's current health, which can be used by:

(i) The individual; should there be negligence on the part of the University in its duty of care
(ii) The University; in substantiating its duty of care, in law suits.

​The information collected may be used as aggregate anonymous statistics to inform best practice.

  • Who will have access to my information?​

Only those staff engaged by the occupational health company contracted by Cardiff Metropolitan University to undertake the screening - currently Fulcrum Reporting - have access to the information. As wit​h all medical records held by ​the NHS, these records are also governed by strict​​confidentiality regulations. Therefore, the information within the OHQ and the OHS is not disclosed to Academic / Placement / Administrative staff within the U​niversity. Only with an individual's written consent can any personal medical information be made available to the University.

  • What happens to this information after I leave?

​The information collected during the Occupational Health Questionnaire and subsequent Screening will be archived and kept as long as is necessary, depending on the hazard or potential hazard that the individual has been exposed to e.g. for radiation, this will be for up to 50 years after the individual leaves the University.

Are there any costs involved?

Each vaccination injection/procedure will be administered free-of-charge by Fulcrum Reporting at both the initial appointment and at all subsequent appointments, as required. ​Therefore, if you attend all scheduled appointments, there is no fee payable by students.

However, you may incur costs and be invoiced for the following:

1) If you fail to comply with the initial screening and follow-up vaccination programme set up by the University and its occupational health provider; Fulcrum Reporting. Therefore, the current rate for 'Did Not Attend' (DNA) charges by Fulcrum Reporting are as follows:

  • ​Occupational Health Screening: £45.00
  • MMR vaccination appointment: £15.00
  • Hepatitis A vaccination: £15.00
  • Hepatitis B vaccination / blood test appointment: £15.00
  • Mantoux specialised clinic appointments: £60.00
  • Varicella vaccination / blood test appointment: £20.00

Please Note: These charges are based on the current, minimum clinic rate. If an appointment / specialised clinic needs to be re-arranged, the costs may be greater.

2) ​If you attend your initial screening appointment with Fulcrum Reporting without first having submitted your completed OHQ, the appointment will be stopped and classed as a 'Did Not Attend' (DNA) and you will be charged a DN​A fee. Additionally, please note, there may be a delay of several weeks to re-schedule another screening appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where vaccinations are a programme requirement, do I need to arrange my own vaccinations prior to starting my course at the University in September 2016?

No, if you are missing specific vaccinations, these will be arranged with our occupational health provider, free-of-charge.

Please note, we follow Department of Health vaccination requirements. However, there may also be additional vaccination requirements depending on your course. Please refer to the first section, as well as your specific course 'Joining Information' provided, once you have enrolled.

I do not have evidence of my vaccinations, as I am waiting for my GP to send this to me. Should I wait until I have all documents before submitting the Occupational Health Questionnaire?

No, please ensure that the completed Occupational Health Questionnaire is submitted as soon as possible and no later than our deadline of 31 July. However, please ensure that you submit your outstanding vaccination evidence to Fulcrum Reporting as soon as possible, once you have it.

What are the implications of missing the deadline for return of my completed Occupational Health Questionnaire?

As the return of a completed OHQ is a mandatory course requirement, if you are unable to return your completed OHQ by the deadline pertaining to your course, you will not have met the 'Conditions' of your offer and Admissions will be unable to confirm your place. Therefore, you will be unable to enrol until you do so.

Additionally, a late return means that Fulcrum Reporting will not be able to guarantee processing of your form in time for your arrival on campus and your start date. Normally occupational health screening appointments are arranged for the first two weeks of term one. If your OHQ is exceptionally late, we may not be able to offer you an appointment during this period, which may delay completion of your vaccination requirements and, ultimately, may mean that you are unable to go on clinical placement until your mandatory vaccinations have been administered.

Where an appointment has been arranged but you attend without submitting or, in exceptional circumstances, taking a paper copy of the questionnaire to your first screening appointment, the appointment will be terminated and you will be charged a DNA fee.

What happens if I miss any of my booked appointments with Fulcrum Reporting?

We ask all students to prioritise occupational health appointments, as there are deadlines which must be met to ensure compliance with our occupational health requirements. We would normally expect all students to be fully compliant by end of May of their first year of studies. However, for some programmes this may be slightly earlier due to NHS placement requirements.

We would remind all students that if they do not attend occupational health appointments but wish to remain on the programme, they will be invoiced to recover DNA fees.

If you repeatedly do not attend occupational health appointments, you won't be offered any more opportunities via the University's system,​ if you wish to remain on the programme and achieve a full vaccination profile in time for placement you will have to make your own arrangements with your GP and submit evidence of vaccination / blood tests etc., for verification by our occupational health provider before placement allocation.​

Q Do I need to keep a photocopy of my OHQ and related vaccination evidence?

Yes. We advise all students to keep a photocopy of all documentation​as back up.

Q Can I access General Practitioner services from Fulcrum Reporting?

No, Fulcrum Reporting Limited has been employed by Cardiff Metropolitan University to provide occupational health services only. They are a provider of occupational health assessment services and only use the office and clinical facilities at Danescourt Surgery to host occupational health appointments for C​ardiff Met students. If you need to see​a GP, please register with a local practice and access services this way. Contact S​tudent Services for advice on this​.

Any problems - Contact Us

If you experience any problems with completing and returning the Occupational Health Questionnaire​, please contact Fulcrum Reporting direct:

Email: healthcarestudents@fulcrumreporting.co.uk​

Tel: 01527 579502

If you have any questions about Occupational Health in general, please contact the Admissions team:

Email: askadmissions@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Tel: 029 2041 6010