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Go Wales Plus

GO Wales Plus is our fantastic new graduate employability support programme. With a focus on social inclusion and levelling up, we were delighted to have been recently nominated for an AGCAS Excellence Award, and we are excited to have been funded to continue until July 2023.

We are keen to continue to develop our working relationships with local and national businesses who are looking to recruit early talent from Cardiff Met, with the added support provided by our programme.

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We partner with Santander to offer funded internships to students from any study year or discipline.

This creates an opportunity for businesses to harness the skills of Cardiff Met students whilst providing them with an opportunity to gain much needed work experience.

Participating organisations can offer set work projects for students to work on and complete within a specific period of time.


This programme is open to any organisations registered and based in the UK.

Eligible organisations include companies, start-ups, sole traders and partnerships across all sectors. Participating organisations can recruit a maximum of 3 interns through each year of the programme.

Employability Scheme Funding is available for businesses to benefit from a fully paid student to do a work project within the business. The work project can be completed virtually or in person (at the business’ discretion in line with Government COVID-19 guidelines).


Participating in the Santander Internship Programme allows businesses to:

  • receive funding from Santander to hire extra resources to help deliver a project
  • gain perspective on projects from a new, motivated member of the team

  • gain insights from students or recent graduates in a specialist area


Interns will need to complete a work project, the duration of which should be a minimum of 70 hours and maximum of 108 hours (up to 35 hours per week). 

If your organisation is located within the boroughs of Greater London, the duration of the work project should be a minimum of 55 hours and a maximum of 93 hours (up to 35 hours per week).


Santander will contribute a fixed rate of £1,000 per work project completed.

All approved Santander Internships are eligible for full reimbursement by Santander by care of Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Get involved

If you would like to host an internship within your organisation, please contact our Santander Internship Team:

Email: santanderplacements@cardiffmet.ac.uk

The team will contact you and provide you with detailed information on the process to get an intern in place.