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Health & Fitness Classes


​Classes are open to members and non-members, and are booked through the ​Cardiff Met Sport App​.

  • Members can book classes for free using the Cardiff Met Sport App.​​
  • Non-members are required to set up a 'Pay as You Go' profile on the Cardiff Met Sport App.

Class timetables can also be found on the Cardiff Met Sport App.​

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​​​Class Information

  • Classes are suitable for all levels of ability.

  • Participants must be 16 years old or over (unless stated otherwise in class descriptions).

  • Please advise the Instructor if you have any medical conditions which could affect your ability to exercise.

  • Classes are cancelled on bank holidays.​

For further information, please telephone 029 2041 6743 (Cyncoed Fitness Centre) or 029 2041 6779 (Llandaff Fitness Centre).

Alternatively,​ email Gareth Walters, Active Lifestyle Manager:​​

Class Descriptions


​These classes are suitable for all levels of abilities and combine specific postural positions, breathing techniques and mindfulness to encourage release and relaxation in the body and mind. These sessions use exercises that focus on strength, flexibility and breathing which is sure to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Ladies-only Circuits

These classes are designed to cater to women of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced participants. It combines various cardiovascular and strength training exercises to provide a full-body workout in a supportive and empowering environment. The class focuses on improving overall fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility while targeting specific muscle groups.


A beginner’s callisthenics fitness class is designed to introduce individuals with little to no prior experience to the fundamentals of callisthenics training. Callisthenics is a form of exercise that utilizes bodyweight movements to build strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

Strength, Balance & Mobility

This is a specialised exercise program designed to improve overall physical fitness by targeting specific areas of the body and enhancing functional movement patterns. This type of class is suitable for individuals of various fitness levels, including seniors, athletes, and anyone looking to improve their overall strength, balance, and flexibility.

Female Only - Legs, Tu​ms and Bums

This is a popular fitness class designed to target and tone three specific areas of the body: the legs, buttocks (bums), and abdominal muscles (tums). It is a comprehensive workout that focuses on strength training and conditioning exercises to help sculpt and strengthen these key areas. The class is designed for all fitness levels and abilities – from beginner to advanced.


The primary focus of bootcamp fitness class is to improve overall fitness levels, burn calories, build strength, increase endurance, and improve cardiovascular health. Participants can expect to sweat, challenge themselves, and experience a full-body workout in a supportive and energising group environment. Bootcamps can be indoors and outdoors and use a variety of equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls, power bags and battling ropes.

HIIT Circuits

A HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Circuit fitness class is a type of workout session that combines high-intensity exercises with short periods of rest or active recovery. The class typically consists of a series of different exercise stations or circuits, each targeting different muscle groups or aspects of fitness. It is a perfect class for those who are lacking motivation in the gym and need new ideas.

Full Body TRX & Kettlebells

This is an intense and dynamic workout that combines two popular training tools: TRX suspension trainers and kettlebells. It helps improve strength, endurance, stability, and mobility while providing a fun and dynamic fitness experience. Modifications and progressions may be offered to accommodate different fitness levels and goals.

Energy Booster

This is a fantastic way to improve cardiovascular fitness, increase energy levels, and enhance overall strength and endurance. It offers a dynamic and challenging workout that can leave you feeling revitalised and accomplished. The class incorporates a combination of aerobic exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises to create a well-rounded workout.

Beginners’ Strength

This group exercise session specifically designed for individuals who are new to strength training or have limited experience with weightlifting. The primary focus of this class is to introduce basic strength exercises and provide a supportive and motivating environment.

50+ Boxercise

Thisdynamic and engaging workout that targets various aspects of fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, coordination, and flexibility. It incorporates elements of boxing-inspired movements and exercises to provide a fun and effective workout for individuals in their 50s and beyond to improve their fitness levels and overall wellbeing.

50+ Fall Reduction Class

A specialised fitness class designed for individuals aged 50 and above with the goal of reducing the risk of falls and promoting overall balance, strength, and mobility. This class is specifically tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults, it can help individuals maintain their independence, reduce the fear of falling, and enhance their overall physical and mental well-being.

Core & Balance

This class aims to develop a strong core, improve stability and coordination, and enhance overall functional fitness, making it beneficial for individuals of all fitness levels and ages.

50+ Functional Fitness

This is a type of workout that focuses on improving overall strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility through exercises that mimic real-life movements. It is designed to enhance your ability to perform everyday tasks efficiently and with reduced risk of injury. The class atmosphere is supportive and inclusive, fostering a sense of community among participants.

Family Gym

This class is a specially designed workout session that caters to the fitness needs of the entire family. It focuses on creating a fun and engaging environment where family members can exercise together, bond, and support each other in their fitness journey.


This class offers a comprehensive workout that targets the entire body, enhances core strength, improves flexibility, and promotes mind-body connection. Pilates exercises often focus on the core muscles, including the abdomen, lower back, hips, and glutes. They are suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and can be adapted to meet individual needs and goals.

Learn to Train

This class is with little to no weightlifting experience designed to teach individuals proper weightlifting techniques and help them build strength and muscle. It is suitable for beginners who have little to no experience with weightlifting.

Indoor Cycling

An indoor cycling workout in sequence with motivating music. Members can burn up to 620 calories per workout through a training session that will allow them to get fit fast. This class will provide basic cycling movements, standing up, sitting down, changing speed, and changing hand position. A great way to way to build up a sense of your own personal achievement that is set at your own pace.


The class is a fun and engaging mix of boxercise (pad work, skipping) along with HIIT-type of stations (High-Intensity Interval Training). Put your conditioning to the test with this full-body workout specifically designed to get your heart racing.

Met Mile

A relaxed class that welcomes participants of all ages and abilities. The Met Mile is a simple one-mile-long course around the university campus that offers people the chance to get together and talk whilst walking. An initiative that allows people to talk about their daily lives and make friends along the way! This class is completely free to everyone whether you’re a member or not so there’s no excuse to not go that extra mile!