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What are the costs?

​​​​​​​Fees vary from year to year and from campus to campus depending on the type of room allocated to you. However, all Cardiff Met contracts cover a 40-week period (coinciding with the academic year), which means that students can stay in halls and leave their belongings in their room during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Students must sign up for the whole 40-week period and cannot be released from their contract unless a replacement is found or they leave Cardiff Metropolitan University. Students are still liable for rent until the end of the term in which they leave, provided that they notify the Halls Manager, return their access card / keys and we receive confirmation of their withdrawal from University by the first day of the next new term.

Students living in any of the private halls must sign up for the whole 42-week period and cannot be released from their contract unless a replacement is found. If they leave Cardiff Metropolitan University then they will still be held to the terms of their contract. Students in private halls will also require a UK based guarantor before they can move into their room.

Cardiff Met Hall fees are paid in three instalments – Autumn, Winter and Spring. Unite fees are paid in either two or three installments. Further details on halls fees and payment methods can be obtained by contacting the Accommodation Services.​

Help paying for halls

The University has a range of financial support packages to help make paying for your halls a little easier. Our bursaries, scholarships and ‘Study First‘ awards are available for Cardiff Met students. Please click below to see if you qualify:

Study Life Award

In addition, we’re also here to help if you ever find yourself struggling to pay for your Halls; this can include discussing alternative payment plans or providing other financial assistance and advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Halls Team to discuss the options available.

More details of financial assistance from Student Services and on Bursaries and Scholarships can be viewed here:

What are the costs - Cardiff Met halls

All Cardiff Met halls contracts run for a 40-week period. To find out more about the range of halls and associated costs at our Plas Gwyn and Cyncoed Campuses, please follow the links below:​

What are the costs - Private halls

​All private halls contracts run for a 42-week period. To find out more about the range of private halls and associated costs, please follow the links below:

Halls of Residence Fee Payment Dates 2024/25

  • 1st Term September 2024
  • 2nd Term January 2025
  • 3rd Term April 2025

Private Hall fee payments are due in either 2 or 3 installments.

Please click ​here to download the Halls of Residence Rent Charging Policy July 2023.

Reduce the cost of travel and food

My Travel Pass

The Welsh Government’s My Travel Pass is available to all students, aged 16-21! You can apply now to get up to 30% discount on all bus travel throughout Wales up until your 22nd birthday! It’s quick and easy to apply, just visit the My Travel Pass website. You need to have a resident address in Wales, but the good news is that your new halls or landlord address also counts!​

Apply for My Travel Pass here.

Meal Packages at Cardiff Met

Save up to 20% on the cost of your food and drink with our Food Bundle meal plan!

By paying in advance, the meal package allows you to purchase food and drink for even greater value throughout any of the seven catering venues at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Find out more about our meal packages here.​