Dr Thomas Breeze


Position: Programme Leader, PGCE Secondary Music

School: Cardiff School of Education & Social Policy

Email: tbreeze@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Telephone: 029 2041 7246

Room No: B2.17


My two main research interests are:

Music Education

My doctoral study involved the creation of a conceptual model of classroom music teachers’ beliefs about how their pupils learn and the ultimate aims of the subject. I then used the conceptual model to draw together and develop existing theories of learning in music.

How New Teachers Learn

My research around the Cardiff Partnership’s research-informed clinical practice model includes a collaborative project examining how student teachers learn in the context of Wales’s Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership. I have also participated in a systematic literature review of dialogic mentoring techniques with colleagues from the universities of Oxford and Bangor.


Following a BMus and MA at Cardiff University, studying with the world-renowned Bach scholar Professor Peter Williams, I completed my PGCE at Cardiff Met and then spent 10 years in the classroom teaching secondary music. I also taught music at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and Cardiff University, as well as working for the education programmes at the Open University.

I joined Cardiff Met part time in 2012 and full time in 2015, and now lead the PGCE Secondary Music programme. I was awarded my doctorate in 2023. My other responsibilities include membership of the clinical practice requirements team, who are responsible for translating the Cardiff Partnership’s adopted model of research-informed clinical practice into a framework for student teachers’ school placements.

In 2018 my colleague Emma Thayer and I collaborated to create a podcast, Emma and Tom Talk Teaching, which has been downloaded over 65,000 times worldwide and interviewed nearly 100 guests. We also disseminate the highest-quality student teacher research from the Cardiff Partnership for Initial Teacher Education through our bilingual Research Bites strand.

As a musician I specialise in keyboard accompaniment and historically-informed performance.


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