Fees and payment



Fees information

Please see below the course fee of your chosen programme:

​​​​International Student Week 2024
​Mobile Tech for a Changing World

To find out what is included in your fees, aside from your studies, please visit the International Student Weeks page​.

Once you have accepted your offer to the International Student Week you will be required to pay the full fee within 2 weeks. By paying the fee, you are formally accepting your offer.

Please note that if you decide not to attend the International Student Week, £10 of the fee will be treated as non-refundable and unfortunately would not be returned. For more information on the refund policy please see below.​

How to pay your fees

Web payment
Once you have been sent your offer and acceptance letter you will be issued with a student number. Your unique student number is required to make a web payment.  

Make an online payment​

Full instruction on how to make a web payment can be found here. ​

Please make sure that your Cardiff Met student reference number is clearly quoted as a payment reference. If not, Cardiff Met will not be able to match the payment to your record.  

Once you have made payment please email intshortcourse@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Refund Policy

​Your fee payment that was made to the University is refunded in full (minus bank charges if applicable) under the following circumstances:

  1. Rejection of a student visa application:

    Where a student visa application is rejected in writing by the Embassy / High Commission.  If your visa application is rejected, Cardiff Met will require you to attach the following documents in order to review the refund request:

    - A copy of the Visa Rejection Notification from the High Commission

    ​- A request in writing with original signature​

    ​This does not apply where the UK Government has cancelled a visa as a result of a breach of previous visa conditions, rejected a renewal of a visa, if the refusal is due to fraud or due to an undeclared criminal conviction. In these cases the course fee will be refunded minus an admin fee (accommodation fee, if already booked) of £100. In cases where the visa refusal was due to ‘non genuine’ grounds, the student must provide evidence that an administrative review was submitted in time before a refund will be considered. Once all evidence has been received a full refund will be granted.

  2. Exceptional circumstances beyond your control: 

    - If there are exceptional circumstances such as serious illness, or bereavement of an immediate member of family, a refund request detailing the exceptional circumstances must be provided to the University by sending an email to intshortcourse@cardiffmet.ac.uk.  It must be supported by certified documents such as a Doctor’s certificate and/or other, which has been requested. 

  3. An international incident or force majeure (unavoidable, unexpected natural event), such as Covid-19, preventing the student from travelling.

  4. Course you have applied for is not running due to not meeting the minimum number of students.

Refund requests must be made in writing and sent to: intshortcourse@cardiffmet.ac.uk. Upon receipt of all documentation, refunds will be processed within 14 working days where possible. ​