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Research Viva Voce

Research Viva Voce

​​Please see below the Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions regarding your Viva Voce.  Please direct any enquiries to


What do I need to do to submit my thesis?

When you are ready to submit your thesis you will need to complete a fully signed Declaration Form . Please ensure your thesis meets the University's requirements for formatting as stated in the Academic Handbook.

When you and the Supervisory team are happy that you are ready to submit your thesis, you will need to create a new examination record on Doctoral Research Manager and upload the thesis. A physical submission is no longer required.

Please contact if you have any queries around this.

What happens once I have submitted my thesis?

Your thesis will be processed through Turnitin.  The Turnitin report is then submitted to members of the University Research Degrees Group and, once approved, the thesis will be forwarded to the Examiners along with a poll to arrange a date for your examination.


When and how will I find out when my Viva Voce will be?

Normally the Examiners will be given at least six working weeks to complete their review of the thesis and to prepare their preliminary reports. Under normal circumstances your Viva Voce will be held as soon as possible after that. You will be contacted by email with the date of the Viva Voce and any other pertinent details as soon as it has been confirmed, along with details of the mode of the Viva Voce according to your preference (in-person, hybrid, virtual).

Can I bring my Supervisor with me?

A single member of your Supervisory team may attend your Viva Voce, but only with your approval. They will observe the Viva but not contribute unless invited by the Chair of the Examination Panel.

How long will the Viva Voce last?

The entire process will last approximately half a day.  The actual examination usually lasts around than 2 hours but this can vary.  A full agenda will be provided to you within the email invite confirming the date of the Viva Voce outlining the details for the day.

What does it mean if I have to make corrections or amendments?

The Examination Panel may award you the degree, subject to minor/major amendments (Your Examination (  This could include correcting typographical errors or addressing requirements relating to content, analysis, or presentation.

These will be considered by either one or both of the Examiners (depending on the outcome) and this will also be confirmed on the day of the Viva Voce.

What do I do when I have made the amendments?

Students must submit the required changes made to the thesis, following the guidance within the Viva Voce outcome letter that you will have received.  When you are ready to submit your corrections, please upload the revised thesis and Table of Corrections to Doctoral Research Manager.

Any corrections should not be sent to the Examiner(s) directly.


When will I hear the outcome of the revised thesis?

You will be notified of your outcome after the Examiner(s), Chair of the Examination Panel and Chair of the University Research Degrees Group have approved them. You will receive a letter of completion when this has been completed.

What do I need to do when I have been awarded the degree?

On receipt of your completion letter, you will be required to submit a final electronic copy of your fully approved thesis, including a hand-signed copy of the declaration form. You also have the option to submit one hard copy of your final thesis in permanent binding, as per the binding guidelines - Final Thesis & Graduation (

Where does my thesis get sent?

Your thesis will be stored electronically on Cardiff Metropolitan University's chosen repository, Figshare  

If you have chosen to have a hard copy printed, this must be sent to the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.


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