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​​The Chaplaincy Service is a unique and vibrant place in Cardiff Metropolitan University.

It has a unity which honours those of all faiths and those of none and is a welcoming, confidential and safe environment available to all staff and students.

The Chaplaincy provides a number of services including:

Bereavement Support

Losing a loved one can be devastating and the grief that follows can feel unbearable at times. We are here to support you through your grieving.

Prayer Spaces

We have multi-faith prayer rooms on both campuses.


The multifaith prayer room is T0.07 with adjacent ablution rooms.


The multifaith prayer room is B0090.

We can provide information about local faith communities and places of worship.​

Faith on Campus

We offer:

  • inter-faith events to encourage dialogue between members of different faiths
  • space to discuss personal queries linked to religion, belief or philosophy

Hate Crime Victim Support

We offer:

  • emotional support for victims of Hate Crime (this can include helping you to report a Hate Crime)
  • we also work to raise awareness

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

We offer:

  • personalised support packages for Asylum Seeker and Refugee Students

Pastoral Care

We offer:

  • hospital visits for students who are sick
  • accompanying students attending court cases
  • a listening ear and a friendly face for anyone feeling isolated, lonely or just wanting space to offload

Contact Us

We provide support through the difficult times and love to celebrate your successes too.

We are always a listening ear for when you need to talk. Our doors are always open!

To book an appointment or for more information contact Ameira Bahadur-Kutkut: