CAWR Early Career Community - Who are we?

What is the Early Career Community?

The Early Career Community (ECC) is part of the newly launched Centre for Health, Activity and Wellbeing Research (CAWR) at Cardiff Metropolitan University. CAWR, led by Professor Diane Crone, has four research areas of interest shown on the right. In line with the current and far-reaching political agenda of Wales, UK, and internationally, CAWR are interested in addressing some of society’s biggest challenges. Specifically: (i) prevention, treatment and management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as heart disease, diabetes; (ii) physical inactivity; (iii) mental health and quality of life; (iv) physical health and its education across the lifespan; (v) the management of healthy weight; and (vi) health inequalities.

The CAWR Early Career Community seeks to give identity and support to early career researchers who align to CAWR’s areas of interest in health, activity and wellbeing.

Who is the ECC for?

The ECC is open to anyone who identifies as an early career researcher and aligns with CAWR’s research interests. Although the ECC is housed at Cardiff Met we are keen to have links beyond the university, so anyone aligned to any other institution or organisation is welcome to join. The community is also open to practitioners with an existing interest in conducting research or aspirations to get involved. Examples of current ECC members include:

  • Research students of all levels both part- and full-time

  • Postgraduate (taught) students

  • Academic staff of all ages, but who are at the early stage of their research career

  • Technical and support staff

  • Research assistants/officers

  • Practitioners working in health, activity and wellbeing areas from public sector, private and third sector organisations

What does the ECC do?

The ECC seeks to empower and connect individuals to facilitate support for any aspect of being an early career researcher and to signpost events and opportunities that might enhance the professional development of ECRs in CAWR’s ECC. We currently have a mailing list and Teams page which includes an open question/discussion tab as well as content such as details of upcoming webinars, opportunities for ECRs to gain experience and other useful resources. In the future we will organise events such as Q&A’s and skill development sessions, and the ECC will have specific roles in all of CAWR’s activities such as the Research Networking Series and celebration of research events.

How to get involved

If you would like any further information or to join the Early Career Community, please email ECC lead Faaiza Bashir:

You can also follow the CAWR ECC on Twitter: @CAWR_CMU – use the hashtag #ECC for ECC related tweets/retweets!