CAWR Research Networking Series

The CAWR Research Networking Seminar Series are inter- and multi-disciplinary externally focused events on health, activity and wellbeing in society.

The aims of the seminar series are to:

  • 1. Bring together early to late career researchers, policy makers and practitioners to learn about ongoing and ‘local’ research on key CAWR-related topics;
  • 2. Provide a networking opportunity for the fostering of new research ideas and to develop multi-organization teams to help solve existing problems;
  • 3. Create a forum for collaborative discussion on pertinent topics in society related to health, activity and wellbeing.

These series will be an inclusive space for collaboration, targeted towards both early- and late-career researchers as well as external organisations aligned with relevant policy and/or practice. By building bridges across these areas, we hope to support relevant and applied research, strengthen external collaborations and build civic engagement.

The themed events will include ‘sound bite’ presentations of research (internal and external to Cardiff Metropolitan University), facilitated networking activities and collaborative discussion followed by signposting/sharing to follow-up activities to support continued collaboration amongst delegates.

Two events will take place each year.

Research Networking Seminars, when academics, early career researchers and our external partners can meet and discuss shared topics and challenges. Contact Dr Britt Hallingberg

CAWR’s 1st Research Networking Series, 14th September 2021 - watch it here if you missed it.