What is an Accredited Short Course at Cardiff Metropolitan University?

An Accredited Short Course at Cardiff Metropolitan University is a short course that carries academic credits. 

Who accredits Cardiff Metropolitan University courses?

We do! Our short courses will have been accredited through our Credit Committee. Once you have completed a course with us, you can 'activate' your credit to go towards a qualification, or request to take your credit to a different institution (this process, called RPCL, is usually done by the other institution on your behalf).

What is Credit exactly?

Credit is a measure of learning achievement. It measures the learning outcomes in learning time at a given level. One Credit is awarded per 10 hours of learning undertaken.

What does the course Level mean?

The level that a course is set at indicates the demand, complexity and depth of study required to gain credit. For example, an 'A' Level, or NVQ 3 are Level 3 courses. Level 4 is the equivalent of what is expected during the 1st year of university study.

For further information on the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales, please see the link below:

Are there any concessions or funding available for course fees?

No, unless otherwise stated on the specific course advertising.

Will I have access to Cardiff Metropolitan University's facilities as a short-course student?

No. If your course is taking place on a Cardiff Metropolitan University campus, your tutor will explain which facilities are available to you during the course hours. Outside of course hours you will not be authorised to use the university's facilities.