Bronze Scholarship - Modern Pentathlon/Tetrathlon


Chris Harris

​​Athlete Information:

Name: Chris Harris                                                        

Age: 20

Sport: Modern Pentathlon/Tetrathlon

Course: Sport and Exercise Science

Year of study: 2​​

Athlete Profile

I am an international Tetrathlete. Tetrathlon is a multi-discipline sport consisting of pistol shooting at turning targets from a distance of 10m, running 3000m, swimming a time trial of 4 minutes, and horse riding around a 3ft 7" cross-country course. I grew up riding horses, and competing in numerous athletic sports, so I found a sport that could collaborate them all. I began competing at National level when I was 13, representing South West England, on the winning team at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, in front of the Queen. I began competing in higher age groups than others of my age, thriving on the more challenging competitions, and in 2014 I became the youngest ever winner of the Winter Triathlon Championships in March, was on the Under 25 GB Tetrathlon team at the World Tetrathlon Championships in Perth, Western Australia in July, and upon return from these championships I felt a more experienced competitor, and fulfilled a childhood dream of winning the senior national Tetrathlon Championships, becoming the youngest to do so for 25 years. In 2015 I further improved this dream, by becoming the youngest ever back-to-back winner of the same title, with a record score. My long term goal is to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


What difference has the sc​holarship made?

The scholarship scheme at Cardiff Metropolitan has allowed me to continue my intense training programme, despite living independently now, and not relying on parents or sponsors to fund it. The facilities, coaches, physiotherapists etc. can be very expensive, and the scholarship just lifts that weight off my shoulders, as I was considering dropping my training at university as it would be too expensive! My most successful discipline is swimming- the coaching on Cyncoed campus is fantastic, and the gym membership in the scholarship has benefited me enormously.  I now represent the University for swimming alone. The campus allowance has also allowed me to manage my specific meal times better, as my halls catering allows for two meals a day, in addition to the scholarship allowance, which enables me to have at least three, and take away snacks for pre/post training.