Bronze Scholarship - Trampolining


Conor Lees Trampoleening

​​Athlete Information:

Name: Conor Lees

Age: 19

Sport: Trampolining

Course: Sport and Exercise Science

Year of study: 2

Athlete Profile

Conor is an International Trampoline Gymnast. He completes complex routines on the trampoline which consist of multiple twists and somersaults. Conor's trampolining background started in Comprehensive School where he took part in trampolining within his PE lessons. Having competed for Wales at acrobatic gymnastics, he took up the sport with high interest and was called up to represent Wales in numerous competitions around the world, including Amsterdam, Austria and Portugal. His Greatest achievement is gaining an International gold medal for synchronised trampolining. He is hoping to compete in the Commonwealth Games 2018, providing British Gymnastics can fight to get the Olympic Sport in the games.

What difference has the scholarship made?

When attending the Cardiff Met open day, I was approached and asked if I wanted to apply for a sports scholarship at the university. Due to Cardiff Met's reputation with their sport, especially trampolining, there was nothing to lose. The scholarship has helped me massively with my sporting performance due to access to the psychologist, physio-therapy and free membership to the gym. Financially it has also helped as I am able to concentrate on my studies along with my sport, as the help from the university has helped ease pressure. The campus allowance has helped me grab something quick to eat whether it's before/after training or even before a lecture, which saves time due to me not having to cook myself.