Study First Award 2017


This award is now closed for 2017

Award description

The Study First award is designed to help with the day to day costs of studying at university. The package provides financial help toward accommodation, travel, food, books and photocopying, and is worth over £1,000 per year for the duration of your course*. Undergraduate students who will be starting at Cardiff Met in September 2017 and who live in a designated Welsh Communities First postcode can apply. The award is means-tested. The deadline to apply for the award is 10th September 2017.

*Terms and conditions apply


If you are currently studying at Cardiff Met and are experiencing financial difficulties, you can contact our Student Finance team for advice on


Award Package 

There are two versions of the award available, (you can only apply for one):

1. Study First Package (for those living at home), includes:

  • A university and city bus pass for your whole year of study (worth over £200)

  • A free catering package for each day of study (£20 per week during term)

  • A free print and copying budget (£50 per term)

  • A voucher to help with book purchases (£150)

2. Living First Package, includes:

  • A contribution to accommodation costs for those living in halls/ Cardiff Met approved rented accommodation (£500 towards your rent in term two, in January)

  • A free catering package for each day of study (£20 per week during term)

  • A free print and copying budget (£50 for the year)



  • This award is open to students living in designated Welsh Communities First postcodes. You can use the following link to check if your postcode is listed in a Communities First area: Communities First Checker. (Data is provided by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, use CTRL+F to search the file).

  • You must be applying through UCAS as a new Cardiff Met student entering a full time undergraduate programme at year one or foundation level starting in 2017.

  • You may also be entering in 2017 from a Cardiff Met franchise programme e.g. HND or Foundation degree course.

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University must be your Firm Choice University on your UCAS application at June 30th 2017 (students who apply for a course during clearing i.e. after 30th June, may also be considered).

  • You must have a household income less than £50,020. You must be registered with Student Finance Wales and give 'consent to share' your household income details as part of your Student Finance application. Student Finance Wales can be contacted here. (NHS students can provide proof of their income assessment directly if they are not using Student Finance Wales). 

Terms & Conditions

  • Your completed application form must reach us by the final deadline of 10th September 2017 in order to be considered for the award. No applications will be accepted after this date.

  • The accommodation element of the package only applies to Cardiff Metropolitan University, Liberty Living, Victoria Halls Residences and approved private rented accommodation. For further details please contact For details of Cardiff Met accommodation contact our Accommodation Services

  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying at a Cardiff campus and in possession of your Student ID Card in order for the catering & print elements of the award to be processed.

  • You must return a completed 'Met Rider' application form in order for the bus pass element to be processed.  The application form will be supplied to you on enrolment from September 2017 onwards.  Please use 'Study First' as your payment method in the required payment field.  Passport photos may be required.

  • Payment of the award in years 2 and 3 (and 4 for certain subjects) is subject to successful progression onto the next year of study. The award will not be provided to anyone having to re-sit a whole year, unless you have full mitigating circumstances for all re-sit credits. Further information on mitigating circumstances can be found in the Academic Handbook 

  • You can claim the award for a maximum of three years. A fourth year is allowed for those starting on a foundation year or studying a four-year course. In some cases an extra year will be considered if there has been a change of course.

  • You do not need to re-apply each year, allocations will automatically roll over.

  • The award is designed for those studying at undergraduate level only.

  • This award is not available to those studying at franchise colleges. Please contact the college to discuss bursaries and scholarship availability.

  • If you withdraw from your course all elements of the award will cease immediately.

  • Early application is advised as in the event of the scheme being over-subscribed, awards will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Payment of the Award

  • Payment and provision of the individual award elements can only be activated once you have successfully enrolled onto your full-time degree course and are in receipt of your Student ID Card in September.  

  • Catering and print allowances will be allocated to your Student ID Card automatically after enrolment. The catering allowance is reset to £20 each Monday through the term.  Any weekly allowances that are unused will be wiped automatically. The catering allowance can be used for payment at university run outlets

  • Vouchers can be claimed between November 1st 2017 and February 28th 2018 and will be processed on request. In 2016 vouchers were from

  • Accommodation payments will be paid automatically, on your behalf, if you are resident in Halls. If you are living in private rented accommodation you need to email us full details of your landlord (name and address) and your rented address. Cheques made payable to your landlord will be issued January 2018.

  • The 'Met Rider' bus pass will be available for you to collect from the Print Room, Llandaff Campus, following receipt of your completed 'Met Rider' application form, provided to you from September 2017 onwards. 

This is not a cash award. The elements of and associated value of the award are not transferable.

Contact us

Please email any enquiries relating to the Study First Award to:

All correspondence regarding your application will be made by email, using the contact details provided in your application. For general queries try our FAQ page.

How to apply

You will need to complete the electronic application form below. The deadline to apply for the 2017 Study First award is 10th September 2017.

You will receive automatic notification by email that we have received your application. If you do not receive this notification, contact us on as soon as possible so we can confirm receipt. You will only be notified of the final outcome from September 2017 onwards, once we have assessed your form against the eligibility criteria. 

Please note, payment and provision of the individual award elements can only be activated once you have successfully enrolled onto your full-time degree course in September, are in receipt of your Student ID Card, plus have returned a completed 'Met Rider' application form. ​