​​I have Asperger's Syndrome and know that one of my weaknesses is that I am not very organised.  I am worried that I may struggle with this in university.

There will likely be support for you in this area.  Either before you commence your programme of study or early on in your studies, you will attend the Assessment Centre at Cardiff Met(or another nationally recognised one) in order to assess your learning and teaching needs.  From asking your relevant questions, the Assessor will likely identify that support from a Study Skills Tutor will benefit you with organising your workload.

My disability is very variable and I may not always be able to attend.  I am worried that I might miss lectures and won't be able to keep up with my studies.  

Come and talk to a Disability Adviser who will be able to discuss your situation in more detail.  They will talk to you about Disabled Student Allowance.  When you have this in place, you will be able to have an assessment of your learning and teaching needs. The Assessor may recommend a periodic note taker for times when you are not well enough to attend university.  It is important that you enter into a dialogue with your Course Tutor regarding the variability of your medical condition so that you can negotiate extensions to assignment submissions for times when you have not been in university as a consequence of your disability.

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which doesn't always affect me every day but it can have a severe impact during flare ups.  Can I still get support?

See response above.

I have struggled with some literacy aspects of my work throughout school but have never been diagnosed with dyslexia.  I am worried that I may struggle with the structure of my essays and will take longer than my friends when I come to university.  What if I might have dyslexia?

You should make an appointment with a Disability Adviser as soon as possible.  The Adviser can carry out a dyslexia screening.  This takes up to an hour.  If there are any indicators of dyslexia the Disability Adviser will discuss them with you and will ask you whether you wish to be assessed by a Chartered Psychologist.  There is a cost for assessment by the Chartered Psychologist and the Disability Adviser will discuss this with you.

I have a mental health diagnosis and I am worried that if I disclose, I may lose my place on the course or be treated differently.

Long term mental health issues are included in the Disability Discrimination Act.  Cardiff Met is responsible for setting up support to help with your studies so disclosure would be beneficial to you: you will not be penalised or treated differently.  Make an appointment to see the Mental Health Advisor to discuss your mental health issue and the types of support that are available to you.

I experience mental health issues and I'm required to go on placements as part of my course.  I am very worried about this. 

Having mental health issues does not preclude you from going on placements.  Come and talk to a Mental Health Advisor and support options whilst on placement can be discussed.  The course can help with any concerns.  The Disability Service work closely with course staff to ensure that your placement experience is positive.

I have dyspraxia and as a result, have very poor handwriting.  When completing my GCSEs and 'A' levels I was allowed to utilise a notebook computer in class and in examinations.  I am worried that there will not be the facilities for me to do this when in university.

When you have your Disabled Student Allowance in place and have an assessment to look at your learning and teaching needs, you will be able to discuss utilising a notebook computer in the classroom and in the examination environment.