Dr Fiaz Hussain PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), SFHEA

fiaz.pngAssociate Dean (International) 

e: fhussain@cardiffmet.ac.uk

t: +44 (0)29 2020 5611
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Dr Fiaz Hussain is a leading specialist in the area of creative technologies and applications. He has designed numerous courses, managed a number of curriculum related projects, championed employability, has a successful international research record and has authored and published three technical and practical books in the area of design and development. Fiaz has extensive experience of realising and managing international collaborative partnerships, tailoring marketing for international student recruitment and has worked in the UK, Germany and Dubai. His employment includes working for leading companies, as well as high profiled Universities. In recognition of his considerable contribution to research, teaching and management, Fiaz holds the status of Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).


PhD in Computer Graphics, Brunel University, UK
MSc in Modern Electronics, University of Nottingham, UK
BSc (Hons) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, University of Hertfordshire*, UK
*then known as Hatfield Polytechnic

Specialist Subject Areas

Multimedia design & applications, computer animation, computer games design & development, mobile applications & technology

Current research

Research Interests

  • Design and digitalisation of calligraphic (such as Arabic, Kanji, etc.) characters and alphabets.
  • Use of calligraphy to represent and promote international cultural art & design.
  • Extracting historical meaning of alphabets and their role in modern society.
  • Digitising traditional museum environments, collections and artefacts for universal access.
  • The role of architectural design (Islamic, Egyptian, Chinese, etc.) through history.
  • Creating systems to support the design of modern architecture, with traditional meaning.
  • Developing tools to promote cultural friendly designs for online, paper, fabric, ceramic, etc., delivery.
  • Modelling heritage and creating realistic virtual walkthroughs of modern and historical buildings & sites.
  • Development of enhanced techniques for video/movie indexing.
  • Creating audio fingerprints of sound tracks.
  • Generating behavioural profile via social media usage.
  • Extracting behavioural patterns from CCTV.
  • Multimedia design, techniques and applications.
  • Visualisation and pattern extraction of data.
  • Architectural BIM and HBIM & design optimisation via 3D Modelling.
  • Utilisation of 3D games philosophy for educational designs.

Research Experience

  • PhD external examiner for a number of UK Universities.
  • Over 60 refereed research papers published.
  • Director of Studies (1st supervisor) and second supervisor for a number of PhD students.
  • Authored and published three books:
    • Essential Director 8.5 Fast ISBN 1-85233-675-7, Springer-Verlag
    • Essential Dreamweaver 4.0 Fast ISBN 1-85233-573-4, Springer-Verlag
    • Essential Flash 5.0 Fast ISBN 1-85233-451-7, Springer-Verlag

Principal publications, exhibitions and awards

Mayor's Award for Citizen of the Year (for positive contribution to society)
Senior Fellow of UK Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)