3 Students on a campus open day


Kush Shinde

From classroom at Cardiff Met to working from home on placement at Deloitte by Kush Shinde, BA Business & Management Studies

My journey to working at Deloitte started when Cardiff Met announced that Deloitte was coming to the University to deliver a talk on the 12 month placement opportunities available for second year students.
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Student on laptop

Graduating with awards and landing my first job with Software Engineering at Cardiff Met by Lakshima Dimiyawa Mudiyanselage, BSc Software Engineering

Throughout my course, I received a lot of support from the academic staff at Cardiff Met’s School of Technologies, and also had a great number of female role models within the lecturing team.
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Toby Edmunds Product Design

How a product design project at Cardiff Met turned into my career by Toby Edmunds, BSc Product Design

Since graduating from Product Design in 2020, I used the key industry links and opportunities presented to our course to kick start my career. What initially started as a 24-hour innovation challenge with an external company has now directly led to me working full-time at DS Smith, a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products and recycling services worldwide.
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