Professor Gareth Loudon BSc (hons) PhD CEng FIET FHEA

t: 02920 41 6661

Specialist Subject Areas

User-centered design, ethnography, usability testing and evaluation, design thinking, product innovation, creativity, mindfulness, play, product design.


BSc (1st Class Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Leicester University, 1988.
Ph.D. – Advances in Knowledge Based Signal Processing, Leicester University, 1991.


Gareth Loudon is a Professor of Creativity at the Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) and co-founder and Director of the Centre for Creativity Ltd that undertakes research, training and consultancy in key areas of creativity. He is also one of the co-founders of the UCD research group at CSAD.

His research interests focus on creativity, play and innovation, combining ideas from anthropology and psychology, engineering and design. Previously he worked for Apple Research and Ericsson Research in the design and development of new software and computer embedded products. He has over 25 years experience in academic and industrial research and has taken several research ideas all the way through to commercial products for large companies such as Apple.

Gareth has several patents to his name and over 50 publications in total. He has won many awards including Best Software Product Award at COMDEX Asia, and for his concept design work from IDSA/BusinessWeek.

Gareth is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Current research

His current research work in the UCD Research group focuses on the design of simulated environments for user testing and the design of medical devices for the developing world. His research work into creativity looks at the factors and processes affecting creativity include aspects such as a person’s ‘State of Being’ including the concept of ‘flow attention’.

Principal Publications, Exhibitions and Awards

Click here to view Dr Loudon’s papers and publications on Cardiff Metropolitan University’s DSpace repository.

Recent journal papers
• (2017) Loudon, G. and Deininger, G. The Physiological Response to Drawing and Its Relation to Attention and Relaxation. Journal of Behavioural and Brain Science , 7, 111-124.
• (2016) Loudon, G. and Deininger, G. The Physiological Response during Divergent Thinking. Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, 6, 28-37. doi: 10.4236/jbbs.2016.61004.
• (2014) Hare, J., Gill, S., Loudon, G. and Lewis, A.. Active and passive physicality: making the most of low-fidelity physical interactive prototypes, Journal of Design Research, Volume 12, Number 4, pp. 330-348.
• (2013) Woolley, A., Loudon, G. and Gill, S. Getting into Context Early: A comparative study of laboratory and in-context user testing of low fidelity information appliance prototypes, The Design Journal, Volume 16, Number 4, pp. 460-485.

Selected conference papers
• (2017) Loudon, G.H., Zampelis, D. and Deininger, G.M. Using Real-time Biofeedback of Heart Rate Variability Measures to Track and Help Improve Levels of Attention and Relaxation. ACM Creativity and Cognition Conference, 27th-30th June, Singapore.
• (2016) Coleman, S, Treadaway, C., and Loudon, G. Avenues, Values, and the Muse: An ethnographic study of creative activity to support the wellbeing of residents living with dementia in residential care, 10th Internal Conference on Design and Emotion, 27th – 30th September, Amsterdam.
• (2015) Watkins C. A., Loudon, G. H., Gill, S. and Hall, J.E. (2015) ‘The Challenges of taking a User-Centric Approach within developing countries: A case study of designing medical solutions for Zambia’, Proceedings of the 11th European Academy of Design Conference, Paris Desartes University, Boulogne Billancourt, France, April 22-24.
• (2015) Fuzi, A., Clifton, N. & Loudon, G.H. (2015) ‘New spaces for supporting entrepreneurship? Co-working spaces in the Welsh entrepreneurial landscape’, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development, Sheffield, UK, June 18-19.
• (2014) Loudon, G.H. and Deininger, G.M.. A new model for supporting creativity in research organisations, R&D Management Conference, 3rd – 6th June, Stuttgart.
• (2012) Loudon, G.H., Deininger, G.M. & Gordon, B.S.. Play, Autonomy and the Creative Process, 2nd International Conference on Design Creativity, Glasgow, UK, 18th-20th September.

• (2014) Dhaliwal, B., Loudon, G.H. and McCarthy,P.W. Limb shield, UK Patent No. GB2484570.
• (2012) Culverhouse, I., Gill, S.J. and Loudon,G.H. Prototyping and testing man-machine interfaces, UK Patent No. GB2461334.
• (2003) Loudon,G.H, Chen,H. and Tng,T.H. Recognition Process, Patent No. US2003086611
• (2003) Loudon,G.H, Pittman,J.A. and Wu, Y.M.. Methods and apparatus for handwriting recognition, Patent No. US6556712


(2017) AHRC Research Networking Grant – ‘Improving healthcare support for rural communities in India’

(2017) SMART Partnership Grant, Welsh Government, ‘Embedding User Centred Design in FinTech Product Development’

(2016) Research Innovation Award (Product Design), Cardiff Metropolitan University, fully funded bursary for a PhD.

(2014) Research & Enterprise Investment Fund, Cardiff Metropolitan University, for development of a Perceptual Experience Lab (PEL).

(2014) Research Innovation Award (Product Design), Cardiff Metropolitan University, fully two years post doctoral research assistant

(2013) Research Innovation Award (Cardiff School of Management), Cardiff Metropolitan University, fully funded bursary for a PhD

(2013) Research Innovation Award (CARIAD) , Cardiff Metropolitan University, fully funded bursary for a PhD

(2013) Knowledge Transfer Partnership Ecodesign Centre Wales and Elwell Buildings, Technology Strategy Board

(2012) Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship ‘Access to Masters’ scheme, Welsh Government

(2012) Research Innovation Award (Product Design), Cardiff Metropolitan University, fully funded bursary for a PhD

(2010) UWIC Learning and Teaching Fellowship Award

(2010) Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarship, Wales Global Academy and Peepo Ltd, fully funded bursary for a PhD

Three Bursary Awards for Research Students

Bronze award at the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) organized by the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA)

Silver award at the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) organized by the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA)

Best software product and Best of the Best Award at COMDEX Asia for Apple’s Chinese Dictation Kit product

Modules Taught

Supervision of Doctoral Research (titles or broad areas of investigation)

Steve Coleman: Investigating the benefits of creative play for people with dementia.
Bethan Gordon: The potential for low tech. augmented reality to simulate context of use scenarios in user testing
Abbie Lawrence: Thought for Food: A research-led approach to improved Welsh food industry competitiveness
Nicole Ruta: Size and shape perception in the far peripheral visual space
Anna Bhushan: Can mindful meditation practice enhance creativity within Art And Design Higher Education?
Debbie Savage: Demonstrating The Impact Of Research In Art & Design
Alice Gilmour: Making vegetables “cool” – improving the eating habits of Wales’ younger generation.
Ignatius Ong: The user experience agency of a smart nation.
Kirsten Stevens-Wood: An exploration of intentional communities as experimental spaces.


Anita Fuzi: Improving creativity and innovation in organizations through a focus on co-working spaces.
Gina Deininger: Does ‘State of Being’ and ‘Dynamic Movement’ have a relationship with creativity?
Clara Watkins – Design thinking approaches for the design of appropriate, transformative and sustainable medical products in Zambia.
Claire Andrews: Can We Design Better Products For Everyone By Learning How Blind/Visually Impaired People Interact With Technology?
Alex Woolley: Contextual testing of interactive prototypes at the early stages of the design process
Steve Gill: Exploring The Issues Surrounding The Rapid Development Of Information Appliances By Designers
Joanne Hare: Physicality in the Design Development of Information Appliances.
Ian Culverhouse: Investigation into Potential of Rapid Low Fidelity Interactive Prototyping Techniques For The Design Development of Information Appliances
Dimitrios Zampelis: Prototyping for future mobile interaction paradigms using augmented reality