Neil Angove FHEA

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Specialist Subject Areas

People-centred sustainable design and creativity


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) Society of Industrial Artists and Designers (SIAD-Diploma


Born in Barry, south Wales, in 1957, Neil Angove has been educated through the medium of the Welsh and English languages – a bilingual training-ground which continues to serve him well. His higher education was at the Faculty of Art and Design in Howard Gardens, Cardiff – the forerunner of today’s Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Neil graduated in 1980 and was employed immediately by a Cardiff graphic-design studio, as a junior paste-up artist. As his skill-level and knowledge-base increased, he progressed to the position of senior graphic designer, before moving into self-employment – initially as a trainer in graphic-design principles for commercial organisations, then as a freelance consultant for graphic-design studios in south Wales and the south-west of England. He married in 1990 and now lives in the historic town of Llantwit Major.

In 2001 he was employed as a lecturer by the University of Wales Institute in the Cardiff School of Art and Design. In 2002 he became Director of Angove Graphic Communication, a graphic-design company which works with people in commercial business, local government and education. Since 2011, at Cardiff Metropolitan University, he has collaborated with the Learning and Teaching Development Unit to develop human-scale sustainable practice. In 2015, following a dramatic life-changing event, Neil became a co-founder of ‘Everyone… Agency’, a pioneering commercial-educational collaboration for people-centred sustainable creativity.

Current research

Sustainability is an urgent global necessity, but, disturbingly, is still not normal practise. Where there is sustainable activity, many applications focus merely upon materiality – reduce, reuse, recycle for example. But the origins of un-sustainability are actually caused by human behaviour. If today’s creative professions are to maintain their contributions to commerce, trade and business into a sustainable future, they have a choice. Either they promote the status quo towards inevitable decline, or change and become pioneers of sustainable innovation. Neil’s research focuses upon methods for realigning the objectives of the creative professions to facilitate ‘authentic human needs’. Together with an international-design colleague, he is co-founding a pioneering creative agency as a professional-practice and academic-research facility. In collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University, ‘Everyone… Agency’ (EoA) will combine research, teaching and professional agencies to co-create with business and education for people-centred, sustainable change – to reclaim our world through creativity.

Enterprise Projects and/or Industrial links

Resulting from his commercial practice, Neil has developed many relationship-based links with design-profession support industries. He has also delivered (on behalf of CSAD) CPD Short-course materials for professional and educational organisations, specifically: Professional Techniques for Multi-page Documents; An Introduction to Graphic Design, and; Colour-management for Print. His current activity focuses upon developing sustainability teaching and training projects for new Cardiff Open courses, generally named ‘Wicked Creativity’, to address real-world human needs.