Dr Paul March-Russell

Position:Senior Lecturer in English
School: Cardiff School of Education and Social Policy
E- mail: pamarch-russell@cardiffmet.ac.uk 
Room No:B118



Research Groups:
• Arts and Humanities Research Group (AHRG)

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
• Member, The Science Fiction Foundation (SFF)

• Member, The Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA)
• Member, The May Sinclair Society (MSS)

Research Interests:
• Late Victorian, Modernist and Neo-Romantic literature
• The short story
• Science fiction
• Contemporary British women's fiction
• Ecocriticism, animal theory, the GeoHumanities


Books and Editions:

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Book Chapters:

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Dr Paul March-Russell joined Cardiff Metropolitan University in August 2021, having previously taught at the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Westminster. He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Romantic, Victorian and 20th/21st century literature.

External Links

• Editor, Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction

• Commissioning editor, SF Storyworlds, Gylphi Press

• Co-founder and editorial advisor, Gold SF, Goldsmiths Press

• Editorial advisor, Journal of the Short Story in English and Short Fiction in Theory and Practice

• Shortlisting judge for the Edge Hill Prize, 2021