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Centre for Health, Safety and Environment

The Centre for Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE) is a research and consultancy unit based in the School of Sport & Health Sciences.

The Centre brings together academics, researchers and professional consultancy staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience assessing and managing occupational and environmental issues.

Consultancy Services

The Centre is able to provide a broad range of specialist consultancy services in the following areas:

 Bioaerosol Monitoring

Occupational and environmental monitoring (dust, chemicals & micro-organisms)

Occupational and environmental noise surveys

Consultancy services tailored to the waste sector

Advice on the control of hazardous substances

Occupational Health Screening ​

Case Studies: 

Case study 1 - Waste Industry Bio aerosol Monitoring 

Our work with a UK wide waste and resource management provider has involved the assessment of occupational exposures to bio aerosols at in-vessel composting and mechanical biological treatment facilities since 2011.  Assessment has involved the collection and analysis of personal and ambient bio aerosol and endotoxin samples and the assessment of working practices and control measures.   Using site specific monitoring data, we have worked with the company to develop proportionate and implementable controls within their facilities and in the development of documented risk assessments for occupational exposures to bio aerosols. 

Case study 2 - Monitoring occupational Exposures in the steel industry

Working with the operator of an electric arc furnace on a 12 month project with the aim of reducing occupational exposures.  The project consists of monitoring of existing exposures to form a baseline and identify high exposure zones.  Detailed worker assessment and real-time monitoring are being used to understand exposure scenarios in order to development of an interactive strategy to reduce worker exposure.  The outcome from the project will be the development of systems for the continued review of risk controls and post-intervention monitoring to assess the efficacy of the risk control strategies implemented.”

Collaborative Research opportunities

The Centre is actively involved in research and welcomes independent and collaborative research opportunities as well as feasibility studies for companies and organisations.

Key research areas include:

Occupational Health Assessment
Effects of occupational and environmental exposures on respiratory health
Bio aerosol / Endotoxin and Glucan exposure from commercial composting activities
The influence of the perception of risk on risk-taking behaviour
Behavioural, Attitude and Organisational Change

Opportunities also exist for industrial and commercial partners to collaborate with the CHSE through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) initiative. This programme enables companies to utilise the expertise and resources of the University and the skills of recent graduates.

Training & Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

For information on the undergraduate and post-graduate courses available at Cardiff Metropolitan University please click here.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Is your business or organisation looking to appoint an employee / graduate in a Health, Safety or Environmental role?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) help businesses to develop their profitability by utilising University expertise, resources and research. KTPs allow participating companies to undertake strategically important projects which deliver real financial benefits for the company, by covering some of the costs involved in employing a graduate, and supplying University academic supervision. This DTI funded scheme (previously called TCS) have successfully been running for over 25 years with over 1000 programmes completed to date.

Programmes can last between 1 - 3 years. The total project budget for a 2-year KTP programme is c. £100,000. Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are eligible for 60% government funding to participate in the scheme. Therefore for an annual investment of £16,000 the company gets:

A carefully selected graduate (KTPs Associate) who works full-time in the company, on the project.
Equipment required for the work
Additional training required by the graduate
Travel and subsistence for the project
The equivalent of ½ day a week of academic consultancy and access to university resources, such as. Laboratory and specialist monitoring equipment, library, electronic journals and documents
CHSE can help you to identify a suitable project and graduate for the scheme and lead you through the application process. Once the scheme is up and running we will provide full administrative support and organise regular management committee meetings to monitor the graduate's progress and budget.

Example 1: Analyse organisational and individual barriers to implement an integrated management system, (Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental) in order to improve the company’s commercial opportunities, through business benefits from reduced injuries, absenteeism and downtime potential legal costs, insurance and re-training as well as energy and waste saving initiatives

Example 2: Identify issues, in existing work culture and the physical environment, to develop controls to aid the assessment and mitigation of risk through noise and vibration control in relation to the new Physical Agents (Noise) Directive.

Contact us

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Tel: +44 (0) 29 2041 6802
Dr Peter Sykes, CHSE Director / Associate Dean (Enterprise)
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John Allen, Research and Consultancy Officer
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