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Food Safety related Healthcare Research

The research group are interested in the training and education of consumers, food handlers and healthcare professionals. Psychological theories have been used to develop and deliver targeted training and education interventions.

Healthcare focused food safety related research activity incorporates the food safety training of healthcare professionals such as dietitians, the provision of food safety information for patients and family caregivers in healthcare settings and the safe food production and service of food in UK hospitals.

Current research includes the development of an assessment tool to evaluate the adequacy of food safety communication in food media sources, and the design, delivery and evaluation of food safety information to chemotherapy patients and their family caregivers in healthcare settings. Given the increased risk of infection to patients during chemotherapy treatment (due to immunosuppression), we have identified a lack of information available to this at-risk group and are working with collaborators and funders to create a food safety strategy for cancer patients.

Support and Collaboration

The Research Unit supports post-doctoral, PhD and undergraduate studies and has national and international collaborations within the sector to include:

  • Purdue University, USA
  • The Ohio State University, USA
  • Uppsala University, Sweden

Key Publications and Conferences (full list of Publications and full list of Conference Contributions)

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